Happy New Year

Happy New Year and I hope you had a fabulous evening last night however you choose to celebrate, me I did my usual, stay in watch movies and drink gin whilst knitting but as always I’ve been thinking about my goals for the year ahead. I did manage to achieve quite a bit, as always some goals were met and and some weren’t. I’ll be blogging about the ones met and rolling over the ones that weren’t like I always do, to fit them in with this years goals. I always kinda set my goal list high so I ended up achieving that bit more than if I had set it lower.
Last year I made quite a long list, this year the list is a little short but each goal has a bigger outcome (sort of). So what are my plans?
More Clothing Sewing – I’ve already been stocking up on fabric in the sales for my projects and my make list this year is pretty long. I definitely intend to incorporate more vintage/retro styles into my wardrobe and make some of those things I didn’t get round to last year like trousers and a jacket! These items are pretty high up on the list this year to ensure they get made earlier, as I really have plenty of dresses and skirts already, so tops are another one to work on as well. If the Vintage Pledge is running this year am definitely going to rejoin that as well
Blog More – and about lots of different things. I have a post coming up on my top ten posts from last year and it put my mind at ease at blogging about too many different things but definitely to blog more about the things I like and interest me. Although I don’t like to get too political on here and shove my beliefs onto others, I feel that if the last year has taught us anything to stand up for what we believe in, even if it is scary and there is always going to be someone who disagrees with you or tells you to stop being you, so the best way to combat that is to be the best you van be by be true to yourself. It’s gonna be a rough few years but we need to keep fighting and believing in what’s right!
Photography – I’m already using my 365 days of stitching project to try and improve my photography. So far because most of my pictures have been taken at night when I remembered over the holidays, they’re still not that great but definitely going to also working on composition and lighting over the year and also more creative pictures for my blog which kind of ties in in with next goal.
More Art – Art has always been apart of my life and every year I say I’m going to start drawing and painting again and maybe this year I will. Well I have to really because those designs aren’t going to draw themselves! Plus I want to incorporate art into more things like my embroidery and photography.
More Reading – Another year where I didn’t meet my reading target on Goodreads but still managed to read more books that any other year, so I guess that’s an achievement in itself. This year my goal is to read more of my non fiction books. Last year I read a few biographies and found that I really enjoyed those. I’ve pulled out some of my non fiction books in regards to fashion, art and entertainment that I’ve been hoarding and intend to read those. I’m also catching up on my feminist reading as last year I was reminded how important it is to stick to your beliefs in these trying times. I think this year is more about educating myself but I got given a kindle for Christmas so I will still be indulging in the odd fiction fantasy when on the move. I’m currently working my way through the Wizard of Oz series on that when commuting about. Almost forgot to include my massive hoard of independent magazines I’ve been collecting as well!
More Creativity – This year I really want to push my boundaries when it comes to be creative. So far I feel I’ve been playing it a bit safe mainly due to the fact that most of it has bee due to running a business. Last year I found myself saying no to more people and setting my boundaries with them but pushing over the boundaries in regards to my work and liking the results. There is always this fear that a collection or your work won’t be well received or sell but it’s time to let that fear go and just do what I need to do!
I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff off but I’ve got a few other pots lined up. January is really all about catching up and tying up lose ends and finished the last of the projects and that’s about it really. Hope you’re all having a good day resting and recharging because that’s I’m doing, ready to commence my projects tomorrow!

What are your creative plans for this year?