365 Project – Week 2

This post was due to be posted on Christmas day but that seemed silly to post this then, so I saved it for the next instead and then forgot! Next week is New Year’s day so next week’s post will also be a little late! But here’s what I got up to on week 2 on 365 days of stitching as you can still working my way through that pile of WIPs I’ve left till the last minute! At least I’m making way for lots more new projects next year!

(8/365) – I’m still finding my feet a little with this project and some of the photos aren’t all that interesting, most of the stitching I’m doing are either repairs or finishing WIPs, so this week is finished projects heavy! I get these kind of pics don’t get many views but my Instagram is never gonna be one of those beautifully curated feeds where everything matches or blends cohesively, you’ve seen my work room right?

(9/365) -Actually started and finished a project on the same day! Must be a Christmas miracle!! This Michael Miller fabric is so damn cute and retro. I picked it up during the Black Friday sales because in a bizarre twist of fate I’m going a bit minimalist this year with my decorations but this matched the gold themed I opted for. I think this has something partly to do with having worked on Christmas stuff for the shop since August! I opted for a metre as I knew I wanted to make cushion covers already. I popped into Wilkos to get some cushions, they do the plain inserts for about Ā£1.50 and some matching pompom trim from my local market and used some zips from my never ending stash.

(10/365) -Still working my way through that pile of WIPS. Button and zips are my sewing nemesis!

(11/365) – Finally finished the Black Bell Ocean Skirt!

(12/365) -Finished The Golden Age Of Grotesque Dress, made a few modifications and technically it’s a toile but pretty happy with how it turned out considering it was my first time sewing with jersey knit.

(13/365) -Finally managed to sew the hem of the A Snowcapped Romance Dress, just have to finish the bias binding on the sleeves and necks.

(14/365) -M Some late night scarf knitting on Christmas Eve watching Scrooged and Trading Places!