365 Project – Week One

So my project got off to a dodgy start and not much stitching when I fell ill on Tuesday night with a spontaneous flare up of my stomach condition and spent most of Wednesday curled up in a ball under my duvet trying to hold down fluids. Fortunately as quick and painful these flare ups show up, they disappear just as quick. However, after ten years it’s probably time to push for a proper diagnosis but enough about that. Between that and probably my busiest week in the shop so far, I managed to get one week done! 

1/365 – Sorting out a my massive stash of embroidery hoops for a project next year and I think I’ve finally found an art theme for my project!This will be a good way to combine my two favourite things, art and stitching.
2/365 – Made a little headway on my Salal cardigan, this acrylic yarn I’m using is so soft and stitches up so nicely. I’m hoping to finish it over the weekend, as I’ve had an idea for a Christmas themed outfit!

3/365 – Do love it when TK Maxx have a book delivery, got this by Donna Wilson for a fiver and it’s full of cute and quirky critters.

4/365 – Not the most stylised of pictures but then that’s real life for you. Was supposed to get a start on this box of WIPs of Wednesday but spent the day in bed instead! Can I get them all finished before the year is out, probably not!

5/365 – Scented yarn you say? Why yes thank you delivery person for leaving this under our doormat for my husband to trip over on his way out to work! That aside, this package smelt so lush when I opened it and look at that typeface, 70s dream font! I was very tempted to go and buy the last of their stock but I decided to be sensible as I literally have no storage space left! I know, I don’t even know who I am any more!
6/365 – Friday nights catching up on the series The Exorcist and hand sewing hems, which is the only way to do hems really but it’s such a chore especially on the big skirts!

7/365 – Finally finished the Day O dress (in honour of Beetlejuice of course!) which I started way earlier in the year! I’m hoping to keep this challenge as varied as possible but at the moment with Christmas coming up and a pile of UFOs to finish, I’m not starting any new projects (apart from Christmas ones) until they are finished, so there maybe be a few pictures that look the same! We’re calling them progress shots! Anyway, that’s another dress to add to my Me Made wardrobe list this year!

Anyway, that is week one done and dusted, not a bad start and just the motivation I need to get through some of these projects. as it’s actively making me seek out something to do, to post about it!