Favourite Albums of 2016

Time for some Friday Favourites and yearly round ups, there are a few, so I better get cracking. I’m starting with my favourite albums I got this year and so in no particular order!

Black Star By David Bowie. The year did not start out great with the death of David Bowie and quite frankly it’s been a slide into chaos and oblivion ever since! This album in retrospect is sad and foretelling of his death because he new he had cancer, and therefore a more poignant piece of work.

Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop. Mr Pop is back with in my opinion a brilliant album. Produced by Josh Homme, this album is by far one of my fave albums ever, which was only made better by getting see Iggy Pop play live at the Royal Albert hall this year.

Drive Five Year Anniversary Double Pink. I’ve always been a big fan of movie soundtracks, I think they;re totally underrated and I added a huge bunch to collection this year. This limited five year anniversary edition came in a clear neon pink.

Lost Highway Soundtrack reissue. one of my fave David Lynch movies, this soundtrack features Rammstein, David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Barry Adamson, Angelo Badalamenti and Marilyn Manson. This limited edition printed on yellow and black tipped vinyl.

Ed Harcourt – Furnaces. Goes without saying I have never been disappointed by an Ed Harcourt album, ever!

Sleater-Kinney – No Stories to Love. Technically issued last year but I didn’t get it till this year so still counts! This year has mainly been about appeasing crimes against my 90s teen grunge queen self and I think she’s finally forgiven me!

Twin Peaks 25 Year Anniversary reissue printed on coffee colour vinyl and limited artwork for the album insert cover. So excited for the new series but you already no that.

Lost Themes II – I picked this up when we went to see John Carpenter play live at the Troxy, fuelling my refound love of 80s electronica!

and finally De La Soul – and the anonymous Nobody… I backed this album on Kickstarter and when the download link finally arrived in my inbox I was not disappointed, in fact I listened to this album on repeat for two days straight. This is a brilliant album filled with great collaborations. My favourite tracks are Snoopies and Whodeeni.