365 Days Of ….

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I like to set my self a challenge or two to get me through the year. They are more incentives than anything to get off my butt, stop procrastinating and get shit done as they say. I like setting challenges, not to be in competition with anyone but just to see what I can accomplish and when I look back, it can be quite a bit at times.
Some challenges/goals, are met others only half way but half way is better than no way in my books. They key to anything like this is organisation. I used to be a half arsed wing it kind of a person but then I realised flying by the seat of your pants will only get you so far, especially when running a business. Slowly I’ve been becoming more organised in my personal life and projects as well but this year I’ve decided to set a challenge that does both.
I’ve seen a few people do a 100 days of project or a 365 days of project where by they pick a task and document it for said duration of time. So I’ve decided to do less challenges than I have in the past year and in keeping with my less is more ethos, pick projects where I will invest more time on allowing me to practice skills and set good habits, and hopefully use up some of my never ending craft supplies. So I picked the theme of stitching!

This will include my three favourite stitching activities, sewing, knitting and embroidery! I appear to be hoarding a massive embroidery hoop stash! I’m also hoping to include crochet which I say I’m always going to learn and this year I will! I will be including both work and personal projects and will be documenting on my Instagram, which I have been really struggling to keep up with over the last year, as I had no idea what to post about. The constant changes and algorithms haven’t really helped either, what’s the point of posting if only a few select people are going to see your work? I know themes are all the rage but this is probably about as close as I’m going to get with that. It might also mean posting more than once a day as I still want to post about other finished projects. It might become less work orientated as I can’t be bothered to set up a separate account and manage that as well. It might not always be actual stitching and just stitching related, supplies, patterns, WIPs I haven’t figured out the finer points just yet, all I know is that is going to be stitching themed.
So I was going to start the project in the new year and I was like why? Why not start it now? I keep seeing people post about in the new year I’m going to… in 2017 I’m gonna start… But why nor start now, in the present, when your ready and itching to start anyway! New Years is just an arbitrary day in the time continuum! You don’t have to wait till new year to start getting healthy, looking for a new job etc etc, you can start today, so that’s what I’m doing, I’m starting the project today!

So basically my challenge is to be creative every single day, which you think would be easy when you run a creative business but then you get waylaid by accounts and admin but the key is to be more organised, put it in the schedule. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours, just ten or twenty minutes here and there, break it down into more manageable chunks then it won’t seem so laborious!
You can follow my daily postings on my insta account but I’ll be doing a weekly round up here. Realistically I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss a day or two here or there but I’m going to at least try! 

Do you have any creative projects planned?

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