(Re)Fashion Fridays – Suture Up Your Future Jacket

So as well as sewing my own clothes, I like to refashion old clothes to give them a bit of new life, especially when I have a specific idea in mine. I have a few refashion projects on the go but with all my Me Made projects planned I’m not sure if this will be a regular post or not but we’ll see. Refashioning clothes are good way to update and add a little bit of you to your wardrobe, give new life to an old item and stop sending clothes to the landfill.
This year pins and patches have been big and lots of people have been decorating their denim jackets and it’s all gone a bit 90s again. Which is good because I actually loved the 90s, the fashion, the music, Nickelodeon cartoons, Daria, etc. They say you shouldn’t wear a fashion trend second time round but to be honest I’ll always be an angry Gen X teen till the day I die!
As you know from my previous posts I found the perfect jacket I’ve been looking for since my teens, and also make teen me proud by stocking up on loads of cool patches from my fave indie designers. So instead of leaving it in the to do pile and forgetting about it like I normally do, after a brief heatwave resurgence, autumn finally turned up and I needed a jacket to wear, so I got sewing. Some of these patches were iron on, so ironed them on and then sewed as well, to make sure they don’t fall off as the fabric of this jacket meant they didn’t stick well. It’s a army jacket so water repellent which also means patch repellent.
So here’s what I went for the placement
Front – I took off the army badge and replaced with the Ugly Girl Gang patch by Tuesday Bassen, side eyes from Lazy Oaf and Heather’s Patch from Rosehound Apparel because Heathers is one of my all time favourite films, and an L7 patch I picked up at on of their gigs in September. On a side note, I’m loving all the band comebacks at the moment because it means I get to see a lot of bands as I missed out on seeing as a teen. L7 has always been one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them three times in the last year of so and they are awesome!
Back – The most important bit, apologies for the poor quality of the pic but I really need to invest in some decent lighting gear. Anyhoo, the Give ’em Hell and shroom patches from Rosehouse Apparel, Take a Stab peel and stick patch from Tuesday Bassen and Rose Patches. As you can see there is plenty of room for more patches!
Then I did the arms, I did a couple of each on each side like when you get badges at Brownies or Girl Guides!
Left Arm – Sorry Not Sorry by Rosehound Apparel because I’m just not sorry if me being me offends you any more, Whatever by Sara M Lyons because yeah whatever and too bad, so sad by The Stay Home Club which was one of the first patches I ever bought, that kicked off this whole patches saga.
Right Arm which I ended up redoing because the placement was off and the material scrunched up a bit in-between patches and I’m a perfectionist on these things, which to be honest is not a bad habit to have when it comes to sewing and making stuff.
The top is Tough Little Self Employed Bitches by Vichcraft I bought to celebrate finally taking the plunge and becoming self employed, Far From Home, Born To Roam from The Stay Home Club (I think) to remind me to leave the house once in a while and Feeling Salty in Black by Rosehound Apparel.
I’d forgotten how difficult it is sewing patches on sleeves and have a million tiny pin pricks in my hands but they need re-toughening after years of machine sewing!
I also added some pins and badges!
A little Venus fly trap pin from the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, Rammstein and Interpol pins picked up at gigs.
90s teen me is very happy with this, in a gen-x, whatever kind of a way!
You can get these patches (subject to availability) at the following sites.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all items have been purchased by myself for personal use.