Hello December

It’s been a while since I blogged properly, last year I did Blog Every Day November and managed to post every day. This year I think I managed four but to be honest November was a bit of shit show politics wise and even though I tend not to talk politics on here, it kind of contributed to my not blogging, that and November was my busiest month so far in being self employed, in fact I smashed through some goals and was a little taken aback at how well I’d actually done, which means my hard work is paying off and for that I am proud. So November was kind of a good vs bad but I didn’t really feeling about bragging about anything. To be honest I still don’t.

So I don’t really have much to say about November, I never got round to finishing the Instagram challenge I joined and I ended the month by coming down with tonsillitis yesterday, which I’m trying to ignore because I’m determined to get the last of the vintage inventory in the shop before the week is out. This is so I can start concentrating on planning what I’m going to do next year, I have ideas, lots of ideas and some I have already started working as I want to get to that stage where I either on target or ahead of myself, rather than feeling like I need to catch up. Though I think I’m nearly there on that one, as soon as I can knock this procrastination/easily distracted problem on it’s head!

I definitely want to blog a little bit more this month but I need to be more disciplined about fitting it into my schedule and not just drafting half arsed posts in the hope that one day I’ll get round to to finishing them. You’d think that someone who took up blogging over seven years ago would have their shit together by now but apparently not! But I still love blogging, so I’m still gonna do it when I can. I have a few finished projects I want to talk about but they will be lazy outfit posts in that that I can’t be bothered to prance about in from of the camera, especially in my tired, slightly run down state.

As I said November has been good in some ways, I think my forward planning and determination to be extra organised this year, really helped. I am only a little behind on a few things which have mostly been hindered by things out of my control, like poor light to photograph things (a lighting kits is next years wish list of equipment to buy) but the beautiful winter sun over the last week has meant I’ve pretty much cleared the backlog and I can start getting our living room back to looking like a living room. I did manage to get a new limited edition woodland crown range up in the shop in time for party season. I have to say I really love how they all came out.

I also started on a massive declutter of the flat and this month I plan to sort out my work room and projects for next year but also slow down a little and chill out a little. The shop is pretty stocked and so am planning my next release for late Jan/early Feb, there’s going to be a bit of a change to the shop, some bits are going permanently, some are staying and some will be new but all in all I think I’ve finally arrived where I need to be in regards to creativity and work.