Make Your Own Kind of Music

Things have been a little quiet over here for a number of reasons, the main one it being November and the run up to Christmas so I’m pretty much bogged down with work and have no real personal time, all personal projects are pretty much on hold until the rush is over and it’s pretty much a seven day work week at the moment. The other is the state of the world at the moment, it just seems kind of weird prancing around in front of a camera when everything is getting so FUBAR right now. I know there are always problems in the world and this is never going to change but it’s all a little surreal and too real at the same time if that makes sense. I will continue to try and do my bit in making life better for other people in the ways that I know how and finding news ways that I can help. Until then blogging will happen when it happens and I have the time and energy! However, I did managed to finish this one which has been sitting in draft for a while and although I don’t want to force my political opinions on anyone or tell anyone how they should live, I really want to start writing about things that interest me (I’ve probably said this before and if I have sorry for the repetition!). This one isn’t a political or opinionated post but about something I really quite passionate about.
I quit smoking a while ago now, I’m not a very big drinker, I’m not really into going out and clubbing so I guess my vices and music and fashion and by fashion I mean making my own fashion. Recently I got back into collecting vinyl, it’s made a big resurgence over the last few years but as well as a good rummage around a charity for shop for clothes, I also like to look for vinyl. Like vintage and lets face it, most vinyl in charity shops are vintage, you need to really rummage to find what you like. Some finds have been a bargain like The Muppets or Saturday Night Fever soundtracks for a pound, others I’ve forked out a bit more for like Β£15 for a David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.


I’ve kind of refrained from blogging about certain things on here because I mostly got back into blogging for work purposes but I wasn’t really enjoying that because you can become work obsessed. So I thought about what I used to blog about back in the day (okay 2009) and that was things that interested me, so yeah I used to write about my hobbies and interests and I guess that’s what I want to write about things that I like, and interest me and music and fashion in my book kind of go hand in hand.
I used to run a second blog that was more about personal opinions on stuff, travel and music but when I became self employed running two blogs became a little too much and it’s currently in hibernation. So I figure why not occasionally write about those things here? After all this is my little nook of the net and I should be able to write about what I want. I’, not really interested in fitting it and writing about what everyone else is writing about, that serves no purpose, especially to me.
Music has always been a huge part of my life, even a s a young kid I was pretty obsessed with music. I can name bands but don’t ask me to name the members unless it’s NKOTB or QOTSA, for me it’s all about the music. I know what I like, I’m opening to finding new likes turns out recently I’m quite partial to the 80s Synth wave, I know what I don’t like and that’s music snobbery. So you don’t like a band because you think they’ve sold out or their new album doesn’t sound like their last one, big woo!
I find that music really inspires me, I like to put a record on whilst I’m doing admin or blogging stuff, sometimes breaking to have a little dance whilst the cats look at me disdainfully. I’m quite passionate about it despite not being able to carry a tune myself or play a musical instrument! I started introducing a little music theme into the blog where I name all my outfits after songs but this year I’ve bought quite a few new vinyls, admittedly some of them because limited edition colour printings but I’ve also been concentrating on filling the gaps, the albums that I liked over the years that never got bought. With so many reissues, it’s not hard these days to find what you’re looking for.


Without sounding pretentious (and I apologise if I do) I think the real reason I like vinyl is that it has reintroduced me to the art of listening to an album. What I listen to is so dependent on how I’m feeling at the point in time, so if I have my iPod I tend to just click though until I find a song I like or fit my mood, when really I should just switch it on, press play and listen to whatever comes on, I mean after all it’s from my collection, it’s all stuff I’ve chosen so I know I’m going to like it but it’s a bad habit I’ve developed, probably because I’m quite an impatient person, so sticking on a vinyl record has retaught me to sit and patiently listen to a whole album and rediscover. Also music can change your mood, so especially when I’m feeling down or mad about something, I now try and find something that will turn that mood around.


I love going to gigs and listening to music, I kind of talk about those more through my personal twitter account and Instagram but I don’t write about music enough for me to want to reopen and fit in handling a second blog. After all my efforts to separate and organise my interests here and there and every where, I’m now doing the opposite and condensing them back down. I guess it’s all about time management plus I tend to use my personal account for ranting about the dire state of humanity thanks to shit politics, probably not good to do that on my work account, have to a certain level of civility and professionalism on there, though trust me some customers are not exempt from the occasional rant. To be honest I probably spend far too much time on Twitter anyway. Instagram to be honest I’m finding it hard to keep an interest in it now it’s gone all algorithmic and only really shows the photos it thinks you want to see.
So I guess there will be the few odd posts here and there, maybe an interesting book I’ve read. There are already a million blogs out there giving advice and there are some really goods ones too, so I don’t feel that I need to contribute to that, I’m not even sure why I’m justifying what I’m writing about. So this is my blog and I will write about the things I like because mostly I just like to write!
(post pub edit – turns out I forgot the pictures in this post were linked to one of my Instagram accounts I don’t really use much of any more and deleted them before saving them ooops!)