Welcome To The Jungle!

If you’ve been reading my blog or other blogs over the years, you’ll know I’m a massive plant lover and garden enthusiast. I might not always be good at it and there have been some casualties along the way but I just love having a house filled with plants, especially in the winter when the garden is hibernation. So of course I’m loving the Jungalow trend at the moment and finally the rest of the world has caught up, and being a plant lady is cool again!
As autumn is drawing in, the nights are getting colder and frost will soon be imminent, I needed to bring in the houseplants I put out in the garden during the summer, which have grown way more than I anticipated as we had a pretty good summer but now I have to decide where to put all them.


I’ve also been on a bit of a spree in the local supermarket and ended up buying a yukka and a rubber plant but also for the post they came in as they are really nice.

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Mini roses bought for me by The Goth to cheer me up one day.

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There are various succulants and dracania dotted around the flat.


This poor little cacti was pot bound when I first met The Goth, I repotted it when we moved in together and it’s grown about five times the size. I leave it outside in the summer and it edges turn pink. It has yet to flower but it has come close.


I tend to keep orchids in the bathroom because that way I don’t tend to over or under water them, they like the steam from the shower.

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I just left this spider plant and pink poinsetta on a shelf in the kitchen and they’ve grown huge over the summer. i should probably take the offshoots of the spider plant.

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I planted my chillies so late this year I had to bring them in to finish them off now the weather has gone colder.

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Another ficus and a Calathea from another trip to the supermarket, plus one of my succulents (a Haworthia I think) had grown lots of off, so I took them off and repotted them and hoping they will take! I used old vintage tea cups and pots for the charity shop to put them in.

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I also made a new dino terrarium, that has been sitting for months on the kitchen table waiting to be made. I actually finally got round to clearing off all the clutter, repotted some plants and finished the terrarium and slung a vintage lace crochet table cloth, so the table can actually be used as a dining table.

dino 1//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Some of the offshoots made their way into the terrarium.

dino 5//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I put in this little T-Rex, I think she’s quite happy in her new home!

dino 4//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

There are a few more plants around the house, I’m still wanted a Monstera but as this is not our permanent home, I might wait until we do. But as you can see I love plants and my next botanical adventure will be trying to grow a carnivorous plant from seed!

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