Hello November


Usually I do a monthly round up but to be honest I haven’t been up to anything much except work and a couple of gigs, the rest of October was just catching up on stuff , I revamped the blog not just in how it looks but with regards to content also. You’ve probably seen for Halloween I did a little series on my favourite movies, this is the start of writing more about stuff I like or interests me, I want to focus more on writing things I enjoy writing rather than for the sake of just writing, hence why I picked the quote for my first November post. 2016 has not really been a fun year, it definitely has been an eye opener but ultimately has reminded me to stand by your convictions, stick up for what you believe in without being a total dick about it, an opinion is just what it is an opinion, and most importantly do what you love and live your life for you.
I love going to gigs after a quiet September where we only went to one gig because the other was cancelled, last month we went to 4! Mesh,The Mission, Rom Zombie and PJ Harvey. Mesh was good, though this was more The Goth’s band and I kinda tagged along and bumped into another friend who was there but it was fun. Was a little disappointed with The Mission gig, I get technical faults happen but you can either deal with professionally or throw a tantrum, The lead singer threw a tantrum. Oh a fight almost broke out as well, I say fight, it was two middle age men yelling ‘come on then’ and eyeballing each other for five minutes! They were more entertaining than the band.
Rob Zombie was way better! I was kind of wondering what the set would be like having seen them in at the O2 in Greenwich with a full stage show, giants robots and all, so the Kentish Town Forum show felt quite intimate and stripped down but still so much fun.

Halloween has been a little quiet for us this year but we were both recovering from colds and coughs and we had booked tickets to see PJ Harvey at the Brixton Academy (yeah I’m old skool and still call them by the old venue names). Generally I just hang out at the back because you know large crowds and a long queue to get out at the end but last night I decided to wander down to see how close we could get and low and behold ended up at the barriers.  The gig was very good and Harvey was wearing the most amazing outfit but not quite sure about the feather headdress she was wearing. Her voice though was amazing and the band were out of this world.

The rest of October included a very small hair accessories and some brooches. As you may know I’m removing some old lines and replacing them with some new ones including a brooches and collars section. There is a very small selection of brooches in there right now.

Things I’ll be concentrating on this month is clearing out and getting my work room into some order, so I can start working on some new stuff for the new year. The shop is pretty stocked up at the moment, so the next collection won’t be available till after Christmas, this will allow me to spend more time working on it. This goes with my less is more approach to the business.
Replenish the vintage sections of my shop, also to clear out some space in my work room.
Do more personal sewing and try and catch up with some pledges. I’ve also joined in the BPSewvember challenge over on Instagram as I keep forgetting to post over there!

Blog more! Like I said more about the things I enjoy writing about, I’ve been blogging for a long time and I do love it, so I need to keep it that way. Plus like everyone else I have a lot of opinions on stuff that I’d like to share. Time to stop worrying if I’ll offend, as I said opinions are just opinions!
I’m sure when I started writing this I had a few more goals on my list but I think this will keep me busy till the end of the year.
On a side note apologies for the poor quality of my gig pictures, my normal camera is too big to take to a gig and they usually get taken away if they look too big or professional! So I only have my phone and usually end up standing too far away from the stage.

Anyway, that’s my little ramble for today!