Day 5 – Happy Halloween

Hello and Happy Halloween and welcome to the final instalment of this series.
There are a few more in this one because if I had thought of this sooner I could have done a few more days but there are plenty of lists out there including the classics such as The Wicker Man, The Exorcist etc, and I think it’s pretty well know how much I love The Addams Family, so here is today’s list in no particular order of preference but are favourites of mine.

American Mary
This film didn’t receive great reviews but this offering from The Soska sisters is actually better than you think, it’s not an action gore fest, it’s a slow burner. It may be a little rushed in places but this isn’t your average revenge thriller but it ‘s totally a badass feminist revenge thriller.

This was one of those random films you pick out just because who is starring in it and then it totally flips you by being hilariously funny, breaks all the rules of horror movies and no is safe from monsters who are not only hungry but extremely horny! To be fair though all the characters are despicable so it just guessing who goes first! There are sequels but I’ve not seen them.


I’ve always been against work bonding away days and this film didn’t help to dispel that fear! It’s gory but also quite hilarious and stars Danny Dyer basically as himself!

Midnight Meat Train

Based on a short story by Clive Barker.Bradley Cooper plays a photographer trying to capture the darker side of the city and stumbles across a serial killer preying on late night commuters on a train, who he then becomes obsessed with. Totally love this movie
Mad Monster Party
Technically not a horror film but a stop motion animation about all the monsters getting together for a shindig.I guess this is one you can watch with the kids!

Repo The Genetic Opera
Totally underrated opera about the organ repossession business.

Event Horizon

A film about why you shouldn’t mess with laws physics and space, and that shortcuts are not always the best choice!

He Never Died 
Fallen angel spends his days playing bingo and seemingly comfortable with being a social outcast until his daughter turns up and everything starts to go wrong. This one indie movie to checkout, it’s a slow burner but I think this is Henry Rollins’ best role to date.

Cabin In The Woods

I didn’t think this film would be as fun and enjoyable as it was but this is one of those that falls into the comedy genre. Apparently it nearly went straight to DVD but on the back of the success of Thor it got cinematic release. If you like this then you’ll probably also like Tucker and Dale V.s Evil too.

My Little Eye
I originally didn’t like this film but was impressed with there use of Peaches on the soundtrack but on subsequent viewing it turns out the reason I didn’t like it was because it made feel really uncomfortable and that’s the whole point right? This film delves into the dark side of the net where a group of young people join a big brother style house to get famous but the people who are watching are the people they think are watching.
Lady Vengeance
Part of the Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy, Lady Vengeance tells the story of  Lee Geum-ja who has spent the last 13 Years in jail wrongly convicted of murder. There she dreams about getting vengeance on all the people who have wronged her and clear her name. I havent yet seen the first instalment of this trilogy but I much preferred it to Oldboy. Hopefully one day I’ll get round to watching Sympathy For Me Vengeance to complete the set.
One Missed Call
I’m talking the original Japanese version here, not the remake. My love of Japanese horror means I refuse to watch the remakes, if that makes me a snob then so be it but the Japanese are good at telling a ghost story and just think remakes are lazy. If you enjoyed Ringu and Ju:On then you’ll like this and Dark Water too.

Pan’s Labyrinth
I love this film so much I saw it twice at the cinema and it takes a lot for a film to make me do that. Set during the brutal Spanish fascist regime, tells the story of Ofelia who meats a Faun who tells her she’s a lost princess. The story flits between the horror of the was and the fantasy of her trying to find her way back to the kingdom. This is not light watching, there is one scene that made people walk out the cinema and the ending had me in tears, whilst is also a rare feat for a movie! It’s also a film that can be interpreted in many ways. I also recommend The Devil’s Backbone.
I could probably go on, there are so many good horror genres out there, the thing is not to stick to just to Hollywood, I’ve found both Spanish and Korean horror to be excellent, I think Hollywood treats people dumb by thinking they can’t be bothered to sit through subtitles. Have a dig around, there are so many out there!
Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my little sidetrack into movies over the Halloween weekend and normal service will resume (hopefully) on Wednesday with an outfit post!