Day 4 – Back from The Dead

So this could either cover vampires or zombies as they both come back from the dead but we’ve already covered vampires but to be honest I’m not that big a zombie fan.
I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet because tomorrow’s finale is a bit of a long one!

The Crow
After being slung out a window, Eric Draven returns to avenge the his and his fiancée’s murder.This film is probably more famous because Lee died on set after a tragic accident and the film had to be completed with stand ins and special effects. It came to my attention this week through an extremely disreptful headline that Michael Massee, who played Funboy and was given the ill prepared prop that ending being the cause of Lee’s death had passed away this week. It was what it was a tragic accident and all the press could do was use it to their advantage and this made me angry and sad in equal measure. Massee was a talented actor and should not be remembered for an accident that was not his fault. But I remember seeing this film in the cinema and looking past this controversy and totally falling in love with it so much that I became obsessed with the graphic novels, books etc. There are sequels but none of the unfortunately stand up to the first.

I hope both Massee and Lee are resting in peace.

Shaun of The Dead
Possible the only entrant under rom zom com genre (romantic zombie comedy) but this is a pretty funny movie. It also ensured that when moving house we located a good pub not far from where we lived so we could hole up in case of a zombie outbreak!

Jennifer’s Body

So after a ritual sacrifice goes wrong because she lied about being a virgin, Jennifer is possessed by a demon with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. It didn’t get rave reviews but it’s watchable.

Five medical students experiment with death and their pasts come back to haunt them, literally.Apparently there is going to be a remake added to a long list of remakes because apparently no one’;s heard of renting out or buying the originals!

I can’t believe I nearly forgot this one, the one film I never get bored of watching over and over again and is possibly the best film ever. I kinda squeezed this in on the grounds that Otho semi successfully brings them back from the dead at one point. It’s true, I will always find the loophole!
 And although I identified with Lydia as a teen
 In reality I probably grew up to be Delia!
Also this makes the best Halloween costume ever!

Tune into tomorrow for the last instalment of my little horror movie fest, where I’ll be sharing the rest of my favourite movies, where I gave up trying to keep it brief because there were too many to choose from!