Day 3 – Hide and Seek

I’ve never been overly impressed or scared by movies that rely on blood and guts to shock you. I prefer suspense, creepiness and things that make me jump rather than gross me out. As a kid I way preferred reading horror novels than watching them because I think my overactive imagination scared me more. Also I never liked watching horror movies when I was younger because my aunt let me watch Thriller at too young an age and I became scared of the dark, something my mum has probably still not forgiven her for. Obviously I’m over that now and actually need complete darkness to sleep.
Today’s list is a little shorter but I was working on borrowed time thanks to my last minute decision making but we’re going into the classics territory here.

Alien and Aliens

 Aliens was he first of this franchise I watched, I didn’t get to enjoy just how awesome Alien was until after I’d recovered from watching this one, turns out my dad was wrong and I wasn’t old enough to watch Aliens and was convinced for ages there was facehuggers under my bed!
I think there’s this argument that’s it’s Sci Fi because it’s set in space and it involves an alien but I personally feel that this is a horror movie that happens to be set in space. 

Apparently either you like Alien 3 or you don’t, I liked it but the director’s cut which basically gives away the twist within the first five minutes of the movie!

No one talks about Alien Resurrection, I think it was style over substance, it could have been much better had they swapped the whole alien baby hybrid thing at the end for something else! I kinda watched it more the cast but the underwater scene is pretty cool.
Prometheus on the other I have no idea what the fuck that was all about! All I know is that it felt about a million times longer than it actually was.

The Shining
Johnny’s peekaboo scene after hacking the door down is probably one of the most iconic movie moments ever. Though I think wants more scary is the lengths Kubrick went to drive poor  Shelley Duval to breaking point just to get the perfect shot. Turns Kubrick was a real arsehole!
Duval is what made this film for me, I was emotionally drained after this movie, he really puts her through the ringer!
But on a sartorial note I really want this jacket! Maybe I should start a series of clothes I want from movies!

John Carpenter’s The Thing and The Thing

Okay using a bit of poetic license here but the monster/alien whatever is basically playing hide and seek within the people and actually playing a major coup and hiding in plain sight! Who is real and who is the monster  mimicking? The 2011 follow up which shows the other side of the story from the other camp is also pretty good.

Also if you’ve never seen Thingu which is basically Pingu’s The Thing , then you’re really missing out! Hop on over to watch it here.

Join me tomorrow for the penultimate day in my little movie horrorfest where I pick my back from the dead movies and not just zombies!

But remember I want to hear about your favourite movies too.