Day 2 – Blue Moon

Werewolf films are not my go to horror films, though there are some good ones out there. I quite liked Hemlock Grove series on Netflix until he last series which was basically meh! Though awesome werewolf transformation scenes!But here are some of my favourites.


Ginger Snaps


Ginger Snaps is definitely on of my favourite werewolf movies, although is focuses primarily on the relationship between the death obsessed sisters Ginger and Brigitte, I think my favourite character is their mum.  The second film has a nice little twist at the end and third film I could take it or leave it to be honest.


Dog Soldiers


Definitely one of the best of the bunch, it probably wasn’t the survival training course that this bunch of soldiers were expecting. Who survives, well watch it and find out. Some nice little twists in and some very funny dialogue, it’s also very well cast and no offence to Jason Statham but it would probably have been very different if he hadn’t left to make Jogn Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars. Also trivia for you, the director hired dancers instead stunt people to play the wolves to keep them graceful and quick.


Teen Wolf


Not really a horror movie but that aside this is a classic 80s teen comedy movie about a boy who discovers he’s werewolf, acts like a dickhead to real friends and the comes good in the end.


Silver Bullet


A screen adaptation of the Stephen King story, Corey Haim plays a young kid in a wheelchair that discovers there’s a werewolf in town and of course being a kid no one believes him! Also stars Gary Busey as his Uncle Red who basically plays Gary Busey.


American Werewolf In London


Well I really couldn’t miss out this classic! I first watched this film as a kid with my cousin, in the day time, hiding behind a duvet cover! The transformation scene is still great in that we’re kind of spoilt with CGI these days and the technical genius that went into horror movies is kind of a lost art I think., I could be wrong but still a good film.

Join us tomorrow for day 3 of my little horrorfest and as play hide and go seek!

What are your favourite werewolf movies/tv programmes?