Day 1 – Bite Me!

Okay so I had another post scheduled for today but then forgot it was Halloween weekend when I scheduled it. Forget Halloween I here you say? But how?  It’s your favourite holiday! I know. Herein lies the problem when you work in retail and you have spend planning and working on everything six months in advance by the time the actual holiday/event comes around you’re almost glad that’s it’s over.

Usually I have a party to go to or to throw but this year for Halloween, which falls on the Monday, I’m off to see PJ Harvey in concert followed by John Carpenter on the Tuesday, and what with getting over a stupid cold I just plan to take it easy this week and watch my favourite scary movies and knit through a  massive pile of wool!

So as I’ve decided to write more about the things I like than spend my time worrying over readership stats, I’m doing five days of my fave scary/horror themed movies, each day is themed because there is so much to choose from! I tried to keep it short and sweet but failed miserably!

So today is Vampires! Vampires have always been my fave type of horror movie

The Lost Boys

I think this was the first vampire movie I ever watched and therefore the benchmark for all Vampire movies! Let’s face it we all wanted to be in David gang because who doesn’t want to sleep all, party all night and never grow old? Also death by stereo in my books, is the best vampire death scene ever. Vampires don’t sparkle the explode!

Near Dark

Katherine Bigalow’s 80’s cult classic of the classic boy meets girl in a dead bar, girl bites boy, turns out she’s a vampire, chaos and war ensue. Jokes aside the 80s were pretty good for vampire movies, I’m sorry if you’re a twilight fan, actually I’m not go watch all the 80s vampire movies and cure yourself of your affliction!

30 Days of Night

Set is small town of Barrow, Alaska which is so far north that it experiences thirty days of night, some Vampires cotton onto this and descend upon the town to party like kids in a candy store. I like the vampires in this, they’re a little more creepy than your bog standard Hollywood stereotype vampire. Unfortunately the sequel is pants, so skip it! You’re welcome.

John Carpenter’s Vampires

James Woods leads a crack team of veteran(oh wait wrong film) but they are a team of vampire hunters, that work on behalf of the church to help stop some vampire dude getting hold of an ancient cross! It also has my favourite Baldwin brother in it. Not the best of the bunch in regards to Vampire films but still watchable and entertaining.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bad English accents aside, this is a pretty damn good movie, oh and Gary Oldman. Um I think the basis of my argument for this film is Gary Oldman. No seriously, it pretty much sticks to the book but then no Hollywood film is ever true to the book anyway but if you like Victorian vampire love stories this one is for you.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Technically not a horror movie but more of a what happens when you’ve been married for 100s of years and you’ve learned to blend in and live with the mortal kind. This focuses more on relationships and surveying a very long existence on this planet. There’s no blood and gore, well actually there is blood obviously but not in the horror sense. It has a good solid cast and a killer soundtrack.

Other notable recommendations include

Blade – Mostly for Stephen Dorff!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer mostly for the hilarious drawn out death scene during the end credits.

Dusk Till Dawn – When family vacations go wrong!

Daybreakers –  What happens when there is a world blood shortage!

Byzantium – Breaking the vampire glass ceiling!

Queen of The Damned – A total guilty pleasure plus Korn soundtrack!

And I’ve still yet to watch Let The Right One In and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night which has been classed as an Iranian Vampire Western and so not sure why I haven’t watched it yet.

Join us tomorrow for day 2 as we explore those full moon beasties, werewolves!

In the meantime I want to know what your favourite vampire movies are!