Twin Peaks Revisited

There is no outfit post this week, I’ve been run down with a cold and cough and too tired to sew let alone shoot an outfit this week, so I racked my brains (which was kinda hard on the lack of sleep I’ve been getting) to do something else. In the run up to Halloween it’s kind of the norm I guess to do a themed post but when rifling through the internet for inspiration, I was reminded of the impending return of Twin Peaks. So this week we’re time warping back to the 90s to revist one of my favourite TV series of all time, Twin Peaks and let’s be honest it’s creepy, so sort still of Halloween inspired.
Twin Peaks is a bit of an obsession of mine and started a long love of David Lynch films but Twin Peaks will always be my first love when it comes to Lynch. I was about 14 when it was released in 1991 and I remember all the ‘cool’ kids who were allowed to stay up and watch it. I didn’t have my own TV, so I would have to sneak down and watch it when I could which meant my first viewing of the series was in fits and spurts but now I’ve seen the series lord know how many times, and am about to get The Goth to watch it so he can get caught up for when the new series arrives next year.
So it starts out with the washing up of a naked body wrapped in plastic which turns out to be the corpse of the town sweetheart Laura Palmer. Everyone is devastated and Special Agent Cooper arrives to help solve the mystery but that Twin peaks is town of dark secrets and mystery and quite frankly some batshit goings on! Also turns out Laura wasn’t the sweetheart they all thought she was! In fact she prossibly has the darkest secrets out of anyone! I had a copy of Laura Palmer’s diary in paperback but not sure what happened to that.

Cooper visited Laura in the red room where she told him she would see him 25 years, so I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out what happened during those 25 years.

Twin Peaks was an emotional roller coaster and not just for the characters, like James and Donna who wrestled with their love and loyalty to Laura, though it was obvious they were so much better suited for each other.
Or how we wished Shelley would give up her love of bad boys.
And would find someone who would love her like these two love donuts!
Oh and how the series spawned an obsession with cherry pie, black coffee and diners

And our love for the log lady (played by Cathrine E Coulson who passed away last September. RIP)

Where we couldn’t decide whether we loved or hated Donna’s choice of sweaters! (Loved!)

But we knew we all wanted to be Audrey!
And how Josie Packard was the most stylish woman in Twin Peaks and is probably responsible for my love of fur coats (I only wear faux!) and somehow her spirit manages to get stuck in a draw pull!
Let’s not forget sweet Lucy who also has an interesting choice of knitwear.
And my crush on Deputy Hawk!
And how it was cancelled after two seasons and left us with a load of unanswered questions, like who killed Laura Palmer? Who the fuck is Bob?
There were so many great characters and moments in TP that I was heartbroken when it was cancelled, you know when you feel that a TV show was made especially for you and because no one else gets it, they go cancel it!
But they made the film Fire Walk With Me to reveal who actually killed Laura! It felt a bit rushed but at least we got answers. Oh and it also starred David Bowie!
So what will the new series bring? Well a very packed cast from the looks of it. It will be interesting to see where it goes and what has happened in the last 25 years and yes I am excited!
For a friends birthday last year we went to a Twin Peaks experience called the Owls Are Not What They Seem which was an interactive TP experience. There was a choice of the dining experience (which we didn’t do) or just the bar. I won’t spoil it too much but it was a great experience which paid an exceptional amount of attention to detail, burlesque, a red room, even got to see Laura’s bedroom and the themed cocktails were good too.
I also stuck a TP cookbook on my wish list this year, told you I’m a bit obsessed!