New Sewing Patterns – Autumn/Winter Edition

So it’s that time of year when new collections are being released and I’m thinking about what to sew for this season’s wardrobe, so I ended up going on a little pattern spree these last few weeks. I get my patterns from all over, eBay, Etsy, indie designers, charity shops and bigger sewing distributors, always looking for something new and old to add to my wardrobe but also things that will challenge me and help my skills to grow.

So here’s a little run down of what I got lately.

Weaverdee Haul
Weaverdee were having a half price sale of Simplicity and Butterick patterns so I picked up these four for less than £20. As you can see they are mostly retro patterns, I picked the suit pattern because it reminded me a little of Rachel’s suit from Bladerunner. I not totally sure about the trousers pattern though, they might look better is a plainer fabric!
The sewing magazine freebies
I don’t usually buy sewing or craft magazines much these days but some of the patterns lately have been just what I’m looking for, like this simple skirt pattern to replace the one with missing pieces! I currently using this to make a skirt from some remnant scuba fabric I picked up recently. I’m also liking the peplum top that also came with it as well, not sure if it’s my style yet but I might give it a go. My only criticism of these patterns is they didn’t put the sizes on the front of the packets and it comes in two different sizes, so it’s kind of pot luck you pick up the right size or opening the packaging to find out if it’s the size you need! These were the smaller size, so now I have to grade up all the patterns, which might be off putting for a beginner.
I bought this issue specifically for the batwing dress. I currently have some gold knit fabric in my stash I picked up in a remnant basket in my local haberdashery. I’m hacking this pattern though so the belt can be used separately and the making the separate pieces into one piece but there will be a post on how I did that when it’s finished. The other pattern also came with it. I have plenty of shirt dress patterns but I figured I could probably hack this pattern to use the top as a blouse/shirt.
This was a total spur of the moment decision, it looked cute on the shelf but in hindsight I’m not sure it’s me!
The Charity Shop Finds
My local Oxfam keeps their patterns out back so you have to ask for them but I figured at £3 for this lot I could do some pattern hacking and variations for lounge/work clothes, as I mostly work from home.
New Releases
These are the most recent patterns I got after The Foldline did a new releases post. I was immediately drawn to Named Clothing’s new FW16 Evolution collection, simple and chic, items that can create a great capsule wardrobe. My first choice was the Lempi button down dress, for me the shirt dress is my favourite style of dress, it’s my go to make and I have so many variations in my pattern stash. I was also going to opt for the Sointu Kimono Top but as I was limiting myself to two patterns I decided to get myself the Alpi Chinos instead. Trousers have been on my learning to do list for a while and it’s also apart of a goal this year to learn to sew something other than dresses, so trousers it is and I really need some trousers right now.
Random Late Night Purchase


A picture of the Orla by top popped up into one of my feeds and then I remembered I wanted the Arielle skirt, turns out they come in a bundle with the Francoise dress for £30, so it seemed silly to buy them separately. I also have my eye on the Agnes top but I’ll see how these patterns go first.
The 90s Teen Me Purchase!


So the nineties are back and in full swing! They say you should never wear the same trend a second time round but to be honest I don’t think I ever stopped being 90s grunge teen me. So when Seamwork released the Winona dress with their latest issue of their magazine, I subscribed to get my two free patterns a month, which I think is totally worth the $6!
I also have my eye on the Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns which I’ve seen on Kollabora and will purchase once I’ve had a go at making some other trousers on my list, which by the way if you’re on, come and find me and lets share projects!
Have you bought any new patterns lately?