Autumn/Winter Sewing Plan!

As I’m so close to being back on track with work and shock horror, somewhat organised with life,work and blogging, I can now think about sewing my own clothes again. I’ve made a promise to myself to have a least one personal sewing day a week. Whether I’ll be able to carry that promise through is another thing altogether! So here are some of the patterns I’ve picked out for my autumn/winter sewing plan, even though I’m pretty near my twelve items, I still haven’t made the ‘some never been made by me before’ items on my list like trousers and a jacket, and I’m also a little behind on my vintage pledge! In fact I need to go and remind myself what my actual pledge was. (A pattern for each decade I think!)


I picked out this pattern a while ago because I quite like wide legged trousers and they also have quite a retro feel about them. I picked up this fabric in Canada over two years ago, so I figured it was high time it got used up! Other than being quite good fabric for the colder months I figure this pinstripe will add a smart/casual touch to my wardrobe. I have quite a bit of it, so if there is enough leftover might try a matching waistcoat!

60s Cape

This one will be a vintage pledge item and I’ve been meaning to add a cape to my collection for a while now. I especially like the collar on this one and the inside pocket will come in handy for phone and key storage! I bought this material in a charity shop for about £4, I’m not sure it will be enough, so may have to shorten the cape a little but still need to find some lining for it anyway.

Watson Jacket

I know I have plenty of jackets and coats but I bought this in the black Friday sale last year, so it’s about time it got made up plus it’s on my list of items to learn to make this year. This fabric I bought from Sew Over It in Clapham and it’s uber soft and lovely dusky rose pink colour.
Ginger Jeans
I haven’t been wearing jeans since my last pair wore out, they were shop bought and only lasted a year, which was a bit of a disappointment. I bought some replacement jeans in different style but they’re still a little tight. I saw these on Kollaboro and they’re on my list to make list.
More Knitwear
I always used to knit for other but recently I’m loving all this selfish knitting, so I have more cardigans in the works because I absolutely love Andi Satterlund patterns, have another Vianne on the needles along with the Salal.
I also plan on making some socks and leg warmers because my ankles hate winter.
New Patterns
I’ve been on a bit of pattern buying spree (see next Sunday’s post). I’ve already made a head start and started a few items. I also still have to finish photographing what else I made during the last days of summer and post those. Suffice to say there will hopefully be at least one me made post a week (which is what I’m aiming for).

I will also be catching up on some reading and learning, especially how to alter and grade patterns properly, rather than winging it like I have up until now.

 I’m also going to have a go at making my own knickers. I have made a pair before many years ago from a kit but would definitely like to expand my skills some more and add as many me made items as possible to my wardrobe.
So what’s on your sewing list this season?