Beneath The Sea


vianne cardigan front

So  I’m finally getting back to making items again and also posting about some old items I’ve made after a little break and revamp of this blog, normally I would post outfit/me made clothes on a Wednesday but as always I’m running a little behind but better late than never I guess! I knitted this cardigan using another Untangling Knots pattern by Andi Satterlund, I’ve knitted a few of her patterns now and will be showing off in some later posts but this pattern is the Vianne and I really, really like this pattern! I know I’ve only really been using her patterns this year but they knit up nice and quick and involve very little sewing, which is a win, win in my book!

Vianne Cardigan back


I called this one Beneath the Sea because not only has my autumn/winter wardrobe taken on a sea theme but I started this cardigan during the season of The X-Files where Scully’s father dies and the song played at his funeral was stuck in my head for days. What can I say it’s a good song.

vianne cardigan in tealVianne Cardigan 1

I used Robin Aran with Wool which is an acrylic/wool mix. I’ve been using this Aran mix for most of these cardigans because I want to get much better at my knitting before shelling out on more expensive yarn. I’m also trying to work through a massive stash as well, which despite a massive cull and half of it being sent to the charity shop, doesn’t seem to be going down! This yarn is a lovely sea green/teal colour and coincidentally matches the teal in my The Call of Ktulu skirt also worn in these photos but a separate post is coming up next!

viane cardiganI also managed to find some matching button in my stash. For a split second I had the terror of almost destroying a freshly finished garment when my scissors snagged the wool as I was putting them down but it was okay.


e985e-sam_3537c4f7a-sam_3540I blocked but as you can see not very well at the back and have my second complete outfit for autumn/winter.


Although I always knit a size below for negative ease my cardigans seem to come out a little loose, so I guess I need to work on my gauge but Aran mix doesn’t tend to shrink when washed so I don’t know. And despite my poor attempt at blocking (can you reblock a cardigan?) I still love the back of this cardigan. I’m already knitting a second in purple but I might go for longer sleeves seeing as it’s winter and also a little variation in style.


I would highly recommend this pattern for a beginner as it it knits up really quickly as has a really simple pattern.

Pattern – Vianne by Andi Satterlund

Material – Robin Aran with Wool

Size – 37 Bust

Post Title – Beneath The Sea by Bobby Darin