Hello and Happy Halloween and welcome to the final instalment of this series. There are a few more in this one because if I had thought of this sooner I could have done a few more days but there are plenty of lists out there including the classics such as The Wicker Man, The Exorcist etc, and I think it’s… View Post

So this could either cover vampires or zombies as they both come back from the dead but we’ve already covered vampires but to be honest I’m not that big a zombie fan. I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet because tomorrow’s finale is a bit of a long one! The Crow After being slung out a window, Eric Draven returns… View Post

I’ve never been overly impressed or scared by movies that rely on blood and guts to shock you. I prefer suspense, creepiness and things that make me jump rather than gross me out. As a kid I way preferred reading horror novels than watching them because I think my overactive imagination scared me more. Also I never liked watching horror… View Post

Werewolf films are not my go to horror films, though there are some good ones out there. I quite liked Hemlock Grove series on Netflix until he last series which was basically meh! Though awesome werewolf transformation scenes!But here are some of my favourites.   Ginger Snaps   Ginger Snaps is definitely on of my favourite werewolf movies, although is… View Post

Okay so I had another post scheduled for today but then forgot it was Halloween weekend when I scheduled it. Forget Halloween I here you say? But how?  It’s your favourite holiday! I know. Herein lies the problem when you work in retail and you have spend planning and working on everything six months in advance by the time the… View Post