What’s My Style Again? Autumn Edition!

Summer is blasting out it’s last few days and although it’s still relatively warm it’s time to start thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. So instead of frantically finishing my summer wardrobe, I’m just finishing up what’s been started and moving onto my autumn/winter makes. I used to question what my style was constantly but these days I try and take a more relaxed approach and if I like it, I go for it, and if I don’t, not give it a second thought. I’m trying less and less to worry about whether it is age appropriate and what people think, and care more about whether I feel comfortable wearing it and also be more fearless in wearing things that I like but used to dismiss as being to bold for me! I recently read this article by Stacy London and inspired me to go on with my style quest and building my dream wardrobe. Which I’d like to cover more in this blog in the future, so I’m gonna!
There are too many articles out there telling us how to dress or dress like a grown up, or dress for our age but what we should be concentrating on is what we like and do we feel confident and comfortable in it and not just because some magazine tells us so. Style I think is something that is interchangeable, you reinvent yourself as many times as you like, dress a different colour for every day of the week, or even wear the same outfit every day if you like, it’s no one’s business but your own. I get that on some occasions we have to wear a certain style of clothing, like at work or an event, or for health and safety reasons but that doesn’t stop you making it your own.
I’ve been thinking about my style a lot recently especially since I started working from home, my daily work attire has change completely. I used to be a lot smarter and take time to plan my outfits but working from home and working with creative materials means I’m usually a jeans and t-shirt person most days. But that doesn’t mean when I’m not working I can’t not dress up, I think I’m just out of the habit. So I’m doing a seasonal wardrobe change over to give me a kick up the derrière, fill in the gaps and get me going to sew my autumn/winter. My wardrobe is already very much a mix of handmade, vintage and second-hand, except for shoes, underwear and t-shirts but most of those are band t-shirt’s anyway, and music is something that influences my style a lot.
I’ve been collecting a lot of patches for indie brands over the years, pins and bands badges. I’ve been looking for the perfect jacket, I’m not really a denim jacket type of person but after visiting the Rosehound Apparel pop up shop, I swung by Beyond Retro as it was round the corner and they usually have a healthy supply of coats and jackets in. I originally tried on some bomber jackets which were too big but then found this khaki army jacket that my grunge teen self has forgiven me for not getting way back when! So that’s my autumn and spring coat sorted.
I actually saw the handbag first but I think even though they’re a contrast one being grungy, the other sparkly, I’m totally going to be rocking these two together for my trips to the post office and then totally wished I’d bought the ghetto fabulous earrings last time I was in Rokkit!

So I went back to Rokkit and bought the not so big earrings but big enough for me and a new kimono.

I get that kimonos are so last season but I refused to fork out 100 quid for something to be on trend! I’m happy to wait and let the prices drop and then add it my wardrobe. I’m building up a collection, a sustainable, interchangeable wardrobe and my clothes are for keeps (or as long as they last) and not just for seasonal trends. To be honest I’ll never be on fashion or on trend but I’m okay with that and so should you (not about me but about you!)
One of my winter staples is a faux fur. I’ve had many over the years in different styles and colours but eventually they just fall to pieces. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get one this year but then stumbled across this is a charity shop for £11, I don’t usually keep stock for myself but I made the mistake of trying it on and it fell into my wardrobe. It’s a 70’s Bickler faux fur and I’m really liking the 70s style at the moment so this fits right in. Should I ever shrink down enough to fit into my flared jeans, this will look great with a t-shirt and some big hoops and wavy beach hair!
I’ve been on a bit of skirt making spree lately, I just felt like a change from all the dresses I’ve made over the years and feel I need to up the skirt inventory a bit. I’ve also been wearing a lot of trousers over the summers with sandals, but going to switch to skirts as I have a huge tights collection languishing in a vintage suitcase somewhere and boxes of shoes collecting dust.
Other things I want to make are:
  • some more skirts, I have some lovely pink Tweed that is begging to be be used.
  • a pair of trousers, probably wide leg as they have a more retro look.
  • a pair of jeans as the crap they stock in shops these days lasts about one season because everything has to have Lycra in it! I have my eye on the Ginger jeans.
  • a few blouses and tops
  • and some more knitwear, probably Untangling Knots patterns because they are lovely and so easy to knit.
Well I think I’ve rambled on long enough but writing this post has given me some food for thought and that is I’ve always been interested in fashion and style and that is one of the main reasons I took up sewing and making my own clothes, so I definitely like to get back into writing about that more and obviously posting about my makes and maybe even some more outfit posts.