Rock en Seine

I would usually post this on my other blog but I’ve decided to leave that to one side at the moment as running two blogs is a little too much and I keep forgetting to update it anyway because I’ve mostly been concentrating this one. Anyway as you may know from a previous post we headed to Paris for Rock en Seine which is a music festival held in Parc de Saint-Cloud next to the river Seine in the suburbs of Paris. We went two years ago but this time stayed in a hotel near the park because we camped last time without realising unlike most British music festivals it was not held in a field in the middle of nowhere! Also it was a good job we did because I can’t even imagine how whiny I would have become camping in a heat wave not being able to sleep at night in a tiny sauna! That and the techno tent in the middle of the campsite that goes on until 4 in the morning probably would have sent me over the edge, so nice little quiet, air-conditioned hotel away from the festival it was this time. My only regret was that the hotel was at the top of a very steep hill which require several steep sets of stairs and roads to be climbed and the heat caused me to wheeze quite badly! I think it reached mid thirties one day! On the bonus side I got quite a bit of exercise.

dance areaSo each year they have a theme, the first year we went it was space, this year it was dance and I was pretty obsessed with this giant disco ball.

park scenesThe festival is set in a park which means it’s a pretty small festival compared to some but it means less walking time between stages and lots of trees to shelter under from the sun. Though it was so hot they had people standing there with hoses which was nice but I was dry by the time I got to the other end of the park.

music posters

Each year they commission artists to create a poster for each band which you can buy as a souvenir pack but I didn’t get it this time round, mainly because there were way fewer bands this time round.


Friday was by far my favourite day and we saw several new to us bands including Caravan Palace, Royal Republic and Clutch. We also Slaves who I really like and were a lot of fun. I stuck around for the Last Shadow Puppets but I turns out they’re not really my cup of tea.

sat and sun

Saturday was so hot that we waited until late afternoon before we headed down to the park, turns out so did everyone else and we got stuck in a queue whilst security did triple bag checks before letting people in, so we missed Wolfmother. We caught a bit of Casseurs Flowters, a french hip hop group that were pretty good but mostly wanted to see L7 and Massive Attack both who were awesome!

Sunday night we headed down even later as I was a little heat exhausted by this point but the weather was beginning to cool down. There weren’t many bands I really wanted to see on the Sunday except Iggy Pop and Peaches. We head round and got some t-shirts as souvenirs and I popped by The Disc Village, which housed several vinyl sellers and picked up a limited edition copy of Like Clockwork by QOTSA before heading over to see the sets. Iggy Pop was as amazing and I’d forgotten how awesome Peaches is to see live. I danced so much during her set that the health app on my phone recorded it as a workout!!

res at nightThis year they also had cashless bracelets which was cool because you didn’t have to faff about with cash and change and made queueing a lot quicker and not worry about carrying cash or cards with you. You could top them up on-line or use one of the cashless banks at the site. I think these are great for festivals.

SAM_0816Rock en Seine is a great festival, it’s close to the city and at the end of a metro line so easily accessible. It’s family friendly and has a kids’ zone to drop off sproglets, four stages for music, plenty of choices in the food court, and a really chilled out atmosphere. My only concern was that there was less bands than previous years which may have been a result of a cut of funding but hopefully this is just a rumour and will back again with more bands next time. I would definitely like to go again one day but I’d also like to experience other festivals around the world first.