Patch It Up!


Pins and patches are all the rage right now, I’m not one to usually jump on a bandwagon but to be honest I don’t ever think I got off this wagon and have just been hoarding over the years instead waiting for the ultimate bag or jacket to put them on! Plus there are some amazing designers out there right now, so amazing that high street shops feel the need to rip them off rather than higher them or licence their work!

I’ve collected various patches over the years, some of them are quite old now but over the last few weeks and several months (even year) of lusting after some independent brands I decided to up my collection. Then I discovered that Rosehound Apparel were holding a pop up shop at Lazy Oaf on the 2/3 September, so I swung by to add even more and spent the shipping and custom duties I saved on a few extra bits. I really don’t mind spending a few extra quid on my fave designers especially when they’re constantly being ripped off by high street brands stealing their designs and producing shit reproductions and then claiming they don’t care because they’re bigger. If you haven’t head of the David vs Goliath saga that is Tuesday Bassen being ripped off by Zara, you should really go and catch up. In fact Zara have ripped off so many designers that designer Adam J Kurtz set up a website called pointing where you could go and buy the originals to help support the artists affected.

So I’m starting with Rosehound Apparel who are a Canadian, Toronto based brand that produce clothing and apparel. So here is what I got.


I’ve mainly been after the What’s Your Damage patch because Heathers is one of my all time favourite films, I have watched it so many times I can almost quote it word for word and it’s one of those films that was way ahead of it’s time and has actually stood the test of time. I also really liked to Give ‘Em Hell big patch to stick across the top of my jacket, so these were the first two I picked up, the chenille mushroom patches were new stock.


This goes without saying really, I love a good play on words especially when it’s sweary because I’m actually quite a sweary person.


I also got some compact mirrors, I couldn’t decide so I got both, one for each handbag!


Whilst I was there I also picked up these mini patches by Lazy Oaf.


And also got some free stickers which are totally appropriate for me!

Of course I ordered some stuff from Tuesday Bassen, a L.A based artist/designer who now has a brick and mortor shop called Friend Mart and has the cutest dogs evah!!


After much toing and froing I went for the Take a Stab sticker patch, Mean Rainbow sticker patch, Ugly Girl Gang patch and fuck you very much sticker. The sticker patches are great because you literally peel and stick the patch instead of sewing or ironing on!

I found Sara M Lyons work on Instagram as I think I did with all the rest, the internet truly is a great place (when it’s not being used by total dicks to ruin everything), she is  based in Anaheim California.


I ordered some of these cute Lenormand fortune telling cards and a Whatever Forever patch because I will always be that surly teenager at heart!

I’m not really into fortune telling but these cards were just too adorable to pass up.


Some other patches I bought a while ago are these patches, the two on the right are from Stay Home Club, another Canadian based business, who unlike the bigger brands actually works with other independent brands and officially licenses their work. See high street brands, it’s not hard!!! I have fair few of their t-shirts and tote bags because I’m a little in love with this brand. But here are the patches I need to find room for on my coat, or maybe I might just put them on the tote bags!

 The Tough Little Self Employed Bitches is from Vichcraft, her calligraphy is amazing and the rose patches I bought from my first trip to Viva Las Vegas and are by Kruse at


The Iggy Pop one is going on a different jacket I’ve had sitting in my wardrobe for ages waiting for a restyle (and also for me to lose a little weight so it will fit again!), so I guess I’ll be busy stitching on all these for a while.

I know that pins are also a big thing right now and I have a few and also badges/buttons as well but maybe I’ll do another post for that. The great thing about pins and buttons is that you can just move them around and onto different items but with patches you know I’ll probably spend the next three weeks working out the perfect placement for these on my dream jacket I bought, which will be coming up in another post although right now it seems all I do is go shopping! But that’s the things when you’re rebuilding a wardrobe, so there will be more outfit and style posts.

Anyway here are the designers Instagram’s which is where I discovered most them.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all items were purchased with my own cash for personal use.