Gardens at Musée Albert-Kahn

conservatory - Copy
I should probably start a blog just dedicated to gardens that we visit on our travels because where ever we go, we always end up hunting out a botanical garden or something similar and our trip to France was no different. So the Wednesday before bank holiday weekend, we headed over to the suburbs of Paris to go to the Rock en Seine Festival (which I’ll be covering in a separate post). We went a few days early with the hope of either maybe hitting Disney Land Paris or a wander round the city on the Thursday but when we got there the heatwave was just starting and by the time we got to our hotel at the top of Saint-Cloud, the temptation to just sit in our air conditioned hotel room all weekend was strong!

carp - Copy
So on the Thursday we went for a little walk around Boulogne-Billancourt which is just on the other side of the river, to look for a Sephora and something to eat and on the way back we popped into the Albert Kahn Museum which has a beautiful garden you can wander round that is split into different styles which have been restored and maintained in the spirit of their creator. It starts off with a Japanese theme, then into a formal French garden, English garden and finally a forest of blue cedars representing the Vosges Mountains near Kahn’s birthplace.

fir - Copy
We took a little walk around the gallery and then the garden and sometimes it pays off to explore the area where you’re staying rather than hit the usual tourist hot spots. I’ve been to Paris a few times now and we always seem to find a cool off the beaten track places to visit. I highly recommend visiting here if you can, we didn’t explore the whole garden because it’s pretty big (8 acres) and it was very hot, so we mainly stuck to the shady spots but it was very serene and beautiful and only costs 4 Euros to get in!