Pinch Punch!

September is here and I love it for many reasons, mainly because the mornings are getting cooler and autumn is on it’s way and autumn is my favourite season. I always think of September as more of a new year than January, maybe it’s because of the summer holidays and school starts and so many people starting a new school year etc I kind of use it as a fresh start and have made a massive o do list.

 So I’m tidying up my social media feeds and working on that, trying to spend less time trying to keep up, and spend more time engaging and producing better content. Easier said than done, I know. I realise I didn’t do a July round up but to be honest I haven’t been posting much over the summer months as I kind of lost my Instagram mojo and was too busy working to blog. So I didn’t really post much in August either, so no August round up but I will be posting about our weekend away to Rock en Seine over bank holiday weekend shortly.

So I hope I will be finishing some unfinished projects and actually getting round to blogging about them but also worry less about setting a blogging schedule and concentrate on quality and not quantity, which is the approach I’m taking to a lot of things at the moment especially my work.
Also working on decluttering the flat and my work room and preparing for the busy season ahead, I’m currently in the midst of a epic shooting of stock, so there will be lost of bits and pieces heading to the shop and probably Depop throughout the month.
I really want to start on my new projects (which I’m really excited about) but I also really want to finish all old stuff first, so I don’t end up with an even bigger pile of unfinished stuff!  So that the long and very short of it really, just wanted to pop by and say hi and give a little heads up on what’s going on.
In my next post, I be sharing some photos of a beautiful Japanese garden we visited in the suburbs of Paris.
Do you have any plans for the month?