Kitchen Garden Update

garden 1// So it’s not been a bad month grow wise, the squash and courgette seeds took, the second round of beans are growing nicely and only the lettuce doesn’t seem to want to do any thing. It turns out easy grows aren’t that easy! Also it’s time to start cutting back and pulling out those that have finished their growing, which is mainly the cucumbers.

french beans//

Considering I only got about 4 cucumbers out of all the plants I grew last year, this year I had a bumper crop or more commonly a glut, I literally have cucumbers coming out of my ears. I got one crystal lemon last year. Out the two plants I grew this year I got about 20!

white cucumbers//

The phoonas I got six or seven and all in all, I got about 40 odd cucumbers from the seven plants I grew! Most of them were lunch box/snack size, which is why I grew them, despite our flat having a large and spacious feel to it, there isn’t much practical storage space and obviously fresh food like cucumbers can be kept so long in the fridge. I would pickle them but I just found a jar of unopened pickled cucumbers from last year. At the end of last season there were a few slightly unripe ones that needed to be picked or would perish in the weather, so I pickled them.

Everything else is doing pretty well, mostly I’m just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen!
berner rose//
Oh except the tomatilloes! That’s the third year running I’ve grown them, where they flowered but no fruit! I’ve tried everything, even hand pollinating but still nothing and I’ve also had lots of bees etc in the garden collecting from all the flowers so I don’t know what the problem is, most probably they’re only producing male or females flowers only, but I’m giving up on those! They just take up valuable growing space in our tiny garden!

Ooh and it looks like we’re getting a second round of strawberries after I trimmed them back a little after the first round. Also I finally managed to get one solitary berry off the red raspberry canes after three years of trying!
And it looks like the golden raspberry canes are finally going to produce a half decent crop. One thing is for sure gardening takes a lot of patience and waiting!
golden raspberries//
summer sun//
This weekend I’m going to sow some carrot seeds and look into spring greens, all which I can leave over winter in the green house or under cover for a spring harvest. I also need to collect some garlic seeds off my mum, which she harvested from her bumper crop this year.