Prints and Patterns

Most of July was spent working on getting my stockroom and stash supplies in order and making business decisions and then working on those. But I also took part in the Instagram #VPJuly challenge which I thought would be a good kick up the butt to get a move of with my own Vintage Pledge and also to help me get back into Instagramming a bit more, and apparently also encouraged me to buy some more vintage patterns but in the way that was to go out of my comfort zone, and find patterns I wouldn’t normally buy or would dismiss because they aren’t necessarily myself or size etc.


Blackmore Shirt Dress//

I’m liking the big collar on this one and of course the big skirt.

Waldon's Suit Pattern 40s//

The scalloped edging is what really caught my eye on this pattern.

Maudella Safari Dress//

You know me I like a good shirt dress, so I bought this 70s safari style and am using on a dress currently being sewn. It also has French darts which I’ve never done before but they give a more flattering finish, so might use them a little more.
The skirt is missing from this pattern but I mainly bought it for the cape, as you can see I’m also developing a thing for scalloped edges! Also inside pockets!!

I had these fabrics on my Ebay wish list for a while and they were a pretty decent price so I got both, turns out I had also ordered the white and orange colourway a while back but the orange was a bit to neon for my liking so I’m using as toile fabric in some stuff I’m designing.

This came from Tooting market when I was perusing for some work fabric, can’t really go wrong at ยฃ15 for 6 yards.

This little vintage gem I picked up in a charity shop. It’s a curtain panel and still haven’t decided what to use

Shopping for fabric when you’re feeling poorly and and sorry for yourself is a dangerous game, somehow managed to keep it to four designs only. These were all ordered specifically for skirts.

Another find at Tooting Market, again 6 yards for ยฃ15. I’m really liking orange at the moment but it’s a colour I can only work well in small doses, so these little splashes of colour are actually perfect. The lady who owns this shop also owns a shop a little way down where I get all my zips and trims for work from, it’s one of those tiny cabins that is rammed packed from floor to ceiling in with shelves of button, ribbons, trims, you name it she’s probably got it.
Speaking of Instagram what’s your thoughts on the new stories feature. As with everything I was initially reluctant and thought it was blatant Snapchat rip off which let’s face it, it is! But now I’ve had time to mull it over, I think business wise it’s could be a good tool for behind the scenes peaks, works in progress etc, especially for smaller businesses so that people can appreciate the fact that most of the time it’s one person doing everything. But then again I’m enjoying people’s stories and behind the scenes look at things, especially as there is a real emphasis on having a curated feed, I think it gives a little more insight into people you follow. Or I could just be a complete nosey parker, which of course I am!
Anyway, that’s some new bit’s and bobs and thoughts on things, hopefully now that I’ve caught up on work and got the main bit out of the way I can get some outfits finished to blog about for you.