Little Urban Garden Update

top shot// a little update on the food growing situation in our garden. You may remember my post The Grow List where I listed all the seeds I planted for this year. Well it’s nearly the end of July and time to see how things are doing and quite frankly they are doing pretty good, despite the late start.
rainbow chard//’ve had minimal casualties, lost a cucamelon in the recent heatwave but it was tiny and I really should have moved it to a shadier spot. Pretty much everything germinated and took, though the first round of chillies and cucamelons took ages to germinate so I thought they were a dud round. I planted a second round and then the first round decided to finally germinate along with the rest, so I’ve ended up with more chilli plants than I expected, though the lemon drop didn’t survive.
nasturtium// recent rain storms had me worried for a little while, mainly becuse the heavy cloud and humidity meant no growth and the possibilty of blight but everything seems to be okay and the recent dose of sunshine and causes a very big grow spurt and all the plants are doing really well.

side shot//

ย So far the strawberries have been very productive and we’ve had lots of berries to eat, when they finished I trimmed back the stalks and removed the excess foliage and tired/old leaves to give the plants a rest and they started a second round, so more strawberries soon.
poona kheera// We’ve also had our first cucumber a phoona keera and there are plenty more on the vine nearly ready to be picked, the crystal lemon and white wonders are also nearly ready to be picked.
tomatoes// The toms all eight varieties are just flowering, actually I have nine now as a friend gave me a romello as well, along with some thai basil.
sunburnt leaves
Sunburn due to the recent heatwave last week
// Other casualties were my komatsuna and texel greens which mostly perished in the rain and what survived got eating my the snails, despite my best efforts at defense. Also the raspberries don’t seem to be doing well again either. I’ve planted some more texel greens along with some lettuce and spinach and rocket. I’ve also planted some more beans as they grow quite quickly, for a slightly later harvest at the end of the summer.

little monster//

Someone is intrigued by all the new things in the garden.Frank// not believe this cute face for a minute, he’s a little monster!

So that what’s been happening in the garden so far, I actually had a little change of the layout after taking these photos to raise some of the plants and give them some more room.

Are you growing anything in your garden this year?


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  1. Just tomatoes this year – I can't go a summer without growing tomatoes. And I've sown some basil, but as that's so little effort it doesn't really count.


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