The Perfect Planner!

I’ve always been obsessed with stationery as you know, my particular weakness is diaries despite never being able to keep on properly! But since last year I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect planner. I got one from a Beautiful Mess which I found is handy for something to carry around with me on the go but is a little too small for my business planning needs, especially as we coming up to the main selling season of the year.
I know a lot of people are into bullet planning/journal get all fancy with stickers and washi tape etc but to be honest I just wanted to keep it simple as possible but at the same time combine all my separate work planners into one. I had my eye on a passion planner but postage and custom duties is a main factor why I haven’t yet splurged yet.
On one of my little jaunts round TK Maxx, I saw they had just had a delivery of stationery in, including some 18 month planners in various colours, so a picked out this aqua green and gold desk planner by Eccolo Ltd.

I actually bought one of their plain journals last year to use for planning out my business challenge, and it came in very handy but as I already have last years plan to work from as I know it did me well, I wanted a more professional planner for the upcoming year.

It is divided into two parts, first up is the monthly planner, each month over two pages with a little section for notes. Great for marking out key dates, holidays and for me marking out sale days so I can see how well I’m doing each month at a glance. Sales are still not daily but I’m definitely getting there judging by the way things are going at the moment, so as I get busier I need to be more well prepared. I also like that it shows both UK and US holidays which can be really useful in planning promotions and discounts especially when you ship internationally, for instance Mother’s day in the UK is a totally different date to the rest of the world!

The second part is a weekly planner, over two pages with a diary on the first page and notes and to-do list on the second page. This for me, cuts out for me having my planner open and a separate weekly task list, it’s all in one place. Though to be honest I know when the busier months come I will have a daily to do list to work from as well.

This planner is simple yet totally practical for my needs and hopefully will keep me on track and organised.

Disclaimer: I purchased this planner with my own money and have not been asked to do a review, as always thoughts and opinions are my own!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Planner!

  1. I keep thinking about planners at the moment. I tried bullet journals but it didn't work for me. I'm a bit fed up of my filofax, I want something bigger. Sounds like I need a trip to TKMaxx. X


  2. To be honest I don't get bullet journals, they seem like an awful lot of hardwrok and washi tape to keep organised! I prefer to keep things as simple as possible because I have so much to keep organised.


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