Reading Challenge Update

So I take part in the yearly Goodreads challenge and it always starts off well, and then for whatever reasons I end up never reaching my goal. This year I opted for a book a week, 52 books which would come in at over what I read in total during the last challenges and make up for my lackadaisical approach the last few years. But it will come as no big surprise to you that I’m a little behind. I should have read 26 books by now but at 17, I’ve been trailing about 9 books behind ever since I got back from holiday and have my head buried in work instead. I opted to read some shorter books and even joked about reading the entire Mr Men series to catch up but now that might be a serious option!

It has however, given me a chance to actually look through my collection and actually read some of the biographical books I have had stacked for ages, and also add a little more graphic novel reading to my list. I am definitely trying to catch up and I do want to complete this challenge, since last year I been on a personal challenge binge in an effort to basically get shit done. If you follow or have ever read my creative blog, you’ll know I have a few challenges on the go over there in regards to my business and also making my own clothes.

So here’s what I’ve read so far in no particular order, along with some mini reviews, so that this post doesn’t become a novel itself!

The War of Ar
Really didn’t like this book, totally egotistical and of no help what so ever! It would have been better if he had just written ‘to be a successful writer, sit down and write’ because what he wrote was just condescending white alpha male bullshit!

The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida ★★★
I like this and it give s you a good insight into how autistic people see the world

We should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ★★★★★
Everyone should read this book, it will take you an hour

Not that Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham ★★★★
Quite an emotional book at times, Dunham is a talented writer.

On Line Marketing for Craft Businesses – Hilary Fullen ★★★
Filled with lots of information in dealing with and using social media to promote your business. Although these types of books are my favourite kind of read they are a necessity when running a business so this is a good one if you’re just starting out.

Joyland – Stephen King ★★★★
A very good murder mystery set in a theme park. I really enjoyed this book

Hello Kitty Must Die – Angela S Choi ★★★★★
Totally loved this book, not sure what that says about me and my twisted sense of humour!

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl ★★★★★
Absolutely loved this, probably because I could relate to a lot of this; the era, the music, the sentiment.

Snow White – Grimm (Illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia) ★★★
I mainly read this because it was illustrated by one of my favourite artists.

How To Be Dead – Dave Turner ★★★
I found this quite funny and enjoyable read.

Paper Cuts – Dave Turner ★★★
Follow up to How to Be Dead, looking forward to reading the third instalment when it’s released

Seven Brief Lessons in Physics – Carlo Rovelli ★★★
Found this a little confusing but physics was never my strong but still a worthwhile read.

Betty Page Confidential ★★
I think the selling point of this was the pictures and not the text!

We Are All Completely Fine – Daryl Gregory ★★★
It’s a little confusing because I’m not sure who the narrator is meant to be but I still enjoyed it.

XKCD Volume 1 – Randell Munroe ★★★
I found some of this funny, the rest went over my head because it turns out I’m not a big a nerd as I thought I was.

The Bees – Laline Paull ★★★★
Very good thriller set inside a beehive.

Girl in A Band by Kim Gordon ★★★
I found this book quite slow paced and it took me a while to get through it, that’s not to say it’s not a good book, on the contrary I found it quite interesting and likable.

Did not finish

The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries
I thought this would be a good book to read after it was recommended by another small business owner I follow but to be honest I found it quite boring but only because I had no idea what they were talking about! There were some interesting points but it took me about four months to get through half the book and then I just gave up.