June Round Up!

June was a little quiet on the blogging front and I will admit July will probably be to as I’m busy working my way through a mountain of work to a) clear out my craft supplies and stock room and b) get the shop stocked full before the busy season begins, taking in to consideration how well I did last season and how well I’m doing at the moment I need to get at least twice the amount of stock in shop! And I haven’t even started designing the new stuff yet.

Started working on an idea I had to make some UV neon hand painted bags using some vintage fabric I found.

After telling myself I wouldn’t make flower crowns again, I wanted to use up the last of the hairbands I had so yeah I made more!

I also got the vintage stock side of my shop up to date.

I bought myself a pair of silver boots in the ASOS sale because I’ve always wanted silver boots!

I also bought some more vintage patterns because like you know I don’t have enough already! (I bought even more after this)

I joined the Vintage Pledge July challenge because I apparently don’t have enough challenges on the go at once!

Have resigned myself that if I want proper grey/silver hair I’ll need to go and get it done professionally but still liking the bluey silver that I ended up with, plus it means I can wear red lipstick again, although granted I realise that I’m wearing pink in this photo!
And that was pretty much the month of June work and creativity wise, of course this month I’ve been a little more active on Instagram because of the challenge but I’m also making a few personal projects for myself and of course sharing a few new working makes!