Pattern Stash!

Recently I bought a few new patterns to add to my pattern stash now that I’m getting back into the swing of making my own clothes again. I’ve also gone as to be so bold and buy patterns that aren’t necessarily in my size to practice redrafting and resizing, sometimes these things sound a little scary but when push comes to shove, everything is a learning curve and you only get better by practising.
My first two patterns were from US sellers, these were a little more reasonably priced than the £1300 one I stumbled across, with shipping these came to less than £20 each. They’re both in excellent condition and both sellers gave excellent customer service.

 This first pattern is from Blue Tree Sewing Studio, I’ve been in love with Samcheong style sets since going to VLV this year. I have a vintage dress in this style already bestowed to me from my mother but I really like the pants set on this, so am looking forward to making this.  

You know me, I love a good shirt dress, so this variation I picked up from  Lotsa Patterns and More is right up my street. Question is do I dare make it with some grid pattern fabric like in the picture, well it’s been ordered so we’ll find out when it gets here.

This next trio of patterns I picked up in a charity shop for £1.49 the lot. I like 70s patterns, they’re quite free and flowy and perfect for summer.

I need to find some lighter cotton or viscose for this one I think, the long one is very Margot Leadbetter from The Good Life I think. (For those not is the know, a 70s British sitcom)

I see a lot of peasant tops around so I figure I can hack this to make it a more 50s style.

I bought this purely for the shorts dead in the centre and the short culottes on the right.I haven;t worn shorts in years mainly because I can’t find any I like but I think these will do.
So hopefully these will be winging their way into my wardrobe soon, I pulled out a bunch of fabric earlier this week so get a move on with the rest of my summer sewing, though I should probably throw in some waterproof gear with the way summer is going at the moment!
So you working on any new patterns/projects for your wardrobe lately?

4 thoughts on “Pattern Stash!

  1. I had a Monsoon dress very similar to the Margo pattern, and it was made in lightweight viscose jersey, which worked really well. (I literally wore that dress out, I loved it so much.)

    Good haul!


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