All Dressed Up!

Since my last Wardrobe clear out, the vintage part has been quite low in stock. I got rid of anything that mainly was either far too big or small and since then I haven’t really found much that I like, except for the odd polyester dress here and there but I don’t tend to wear polyester much these days. Also finding stuff in my size is always a bit of pain. I tend to mainly buy vintage jewellery and handbags instead because you, I like to keep a good stock of accessories for all occasions. I also bought some second-hand clothes from Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange, I’ve always tried to keep my wardrobe as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and I’m big fan of less waste and more recycling where possible. I think buying used clothes definitely helps with that but I also like to invest in clothes, so I now also try to only buy stuff I know I’m going to wear, or where I can, make it myself.

I had already made my mind up that I was going to stock up some vintage clothes when we hit VLV19, they have a vendors section upstairs in between the dancing/music rooms and at the car show on Saturday they have a wide selection vintage and repro sellers. I also found a couple of vintage shops on South Main Street in Las Vegas and I also went shopping in the Mission District and Haight Street in San Francisco. I’m really determined to build up my wardrobe, as I feel it’s been really lacking in colour and variety of things to wear, it’s been mostly t-shirts and jeans with the few odd nice formal things to wear but my style is very eclectic and I want my wardrobe to reflect that. I came back with a bit of a haul, especially from VLV, some items I may have daringly bought a little too small but then a lot of items in my wardrobe are quite snug or tight due to me working from home and not getting as much exercise as I used to but that needs to change especially after struggling up the SF hills!!!


This uber kitsch pink dress was my first purchase, it’s totally over the top and that’s why I had to buy it. I bought this is a thrift shop on Valencia Street called the Community Thrift Store and it is huge and filled to the brim with all kinds of second-hand and vintage goodies. This dress was $9.50 plus tax, so a total bargain!! With my pink hair I’m totally going overboard on the kitsch factor but I absolutely adore this dress!


Valencia has a few vintage shops worth perusing but most tend to be a bit on the pricey side. My favourite one was where the hipster sales assistant refused to acknowledge our presence and just angrily stared at her phone! Taking your cliché a bit to far my dear


Then I got this dress from a shop in Haight Street called Relic. Haight Street has a better selection of Vintage and Exchange shops, The Buffalo Exchange on Haight is far better than the one on Valencia in my opinion, they’re also more reasonable priced and have a better selection of decades to choose from. Haight Street reminds of Camden Town circa the 90s and still has a penchant for tie dye and crusty backpackers. Other notable vintage shops on Haight are Wastelands and Decades of Vintage.


This dress was labelled as 70s but I think it easily passes as 40s or 50s. It’s also made of cotton with a side zip so may have been mislabeled but I’m not really a vintage expert. It’s needs a little TLC like most vintage but definitely a  good addition to my wardrobe, especially for summer.


I just liked the leaf print pattern on this dress and will probably head to the ‘When I need something smart but casual to wear’ part of my wardrobe, though I will be altering the sides as they have some elasticated rouching which I’m not really fond of. The shirt despite being polyester was bought due to that damn awesome print and also it fit but mainly due to the print! I think it will go well with my wide leg jeans and wedge sandals I have.


Another notable thrift shop to visit is Thrift Town on Mission, it’s huge and takes time to search through. Whilst I didn’t find any clothes, I did find a vintage Garfield coffee cup for $2 which when Later I came across in some other vintage shops was about $8, so another score for me.

Next up we hit Las Vegas. I had heard that there is a big Goodwill somewhere but I didn’t have the energy to go look for it by this point. I did manage to find South Main Street but not until after I’d made a small detour to Fremont Street first but the shop that was there was closed down. So we hopped back on the Deuce and got off at our stop and walked 10 minutes to South Main Street which has a Buffalo Exchange, some vintage and retro stores and now also retro diner, which was having it grand opening that weekend.

At the Buffalo Exchange I had a lot more luck that at the previous ones.


A faux leather Hennes skirt.


And a Tatyana dress which needed a little soaking to get rid of a lipstick stain and a Betty Boo holdall  for ten bucks to stow all my VLV purchases.

At the car show which has a quite a few different vendors than inside the hotel and I bought a dress from Amberjoy’s Vintage for half price. We did visit Amberjoys on South Main Street which has a great variety of vintage stock, including clothes, accessories, records, furniture and lots, lots more and even though I didn’t buy anything at the main store, I do regret not buying that 60s white with blue grid pattern dress but alas no point in whining over it now!


It’s a diner uniform but I love a uniform/style shirt dress, it’s in pretty good condition. I kinda developed an obsession with yellow whilst I was out their, I blame the sunshine! Yellow is not a colour I can easily pull off with my skin tone, especially these pale colours. I’m kind of toying with the idea of dyeing the dresses, is that breaking the vintage rule?? Probably but they’re mine for keeps so I guess it doesn’t matter right?

I bought these next two items on the last night of VLV when most stuff was discounted these and some vintage fabric from all the same vendor with 25% off but for the life of me cannot remember the name of the vendor but they are regular and I’ve bought stuff of them before. (I know that doesn’t help!)


First up is this shirt dress which I matched up with some of the accessories I bought for a tropical inspired look.


I had my eye on this kimono for the whole time we were there and told myself if it was there on the last night I would get it. Kimono being in fashion the last few year are usually quite expensive over here, so yeah for $34 plus discount I though why the heck not. I just need to try to not fall down the stairs in it!!


Then there is this amazing crazy daisy monochrome print which I ummed and ahhed about whether I should keep for myself or make stuff for my shop after having an idea involving painting fabric. So I decided both. I cut out a pair of Capri pants for myself and the rest is being made into bags and clutches and I sneak previewed the project on Instagram.


I’m surprised I didn’t come back with more fabric because this vendor had a fair few bundles in, I picked this up on the first wave of shopping because I knew this would go pretty quickly and I’m definitely keeping this one for me to make something, probably a skirt.

Now if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen the panic about nearly accidentally shrinking a vintage dress! Well it was this black cocktail dress. It was in need of some heavy cleaning, I should have taken it to a dry cleaners but in my jet lagged state I threw in the tub with some other stuff to soak and it immediately turned the water black. At first I thought it was dirt, which most of it was and then I realised it was also shrinking. Cue panic, a cold rinse and a drip dry upside down to stretch it back out. I waited a bit before trying it on, mainly because I was too scared but it still fit albeit about an inch shorter! Lesson learned!


Anyway I got this dress from Rainbow Vintage which is where I always stock up on my Moonglow bangles.


I also in the process managed to almost lose one of the diamantés out of one of the buttons. I put it in a safe place in my work room and now for the love of sweet jeebus, can’t find it!

And that was my vintage haul from the US and now obviously I’m on spending ban! I don’t splurge too often like this but I have found from my visits over there that there is a slightly wider choice is styles and also sizes. I also find some items are a little more reasonably priced but like anywhere it’s not immune to having stuff being over priced simply because it’s classed as vintage. My main gripe with this, is that there is a lot of poor quality vintage highly priced because it’s vintage!

I have also recently bought some vintage patterns which I will probably post about and what I intend to make with them but until then my wardrobe is now a little fuller and more varied and I’m happy that my personal style is back and developing. Now to get back to making some fabulous clothes.

Have you found any fabulous items (vintage or modern) recently?