May Round Up!

I didn’t really Instagram much in May, I kind of lost my mojo in all things social media, so I concentrated on getting some blog post out instead. Though I appear to be back on the wagon and lots of pictures on ongoing projects and new stuff, coming soon. Anyway here’s is a little round of what I got up to in May.
Sunnier days down in Polegate visiting the parents.

I got invited to the launch of Sleek Make Up’s new Whimsical Wonderland range. (A post is coming soon) 
They had some neon lighting up which as you know I have a little obsession over and the inspiration behind an embroidery project I have on the go! 
Took a day of with the husband to go to Brighton and eat chips on the beach for our anniversary and snuck in some knitting time. 
May have popped into Ditto Fabric whilst I was there and picked up some cool summer fabric for the shop.
Took advantage of the Cloth and Candy 20% discount and picked up some pretties for myself  
Started the massive Operation Restock The Shop and Clear Out Supplies! There will be a lot of random and not so random stuff added to the shop over the next few months whilst I try and use up what I already have a clear out some space in the craft room. Probably would move along a lot quicker if I stopped buying more supplies!! The new hoops are inspired by one of my favourite films The Craft. 
Finished reknitting my Land of Sunshine cardigan a size smaller and it’s still a bit big but it will have to do! 
Bought some new wool for another selfish knit, not sure what pattern though! 
Some new tote bags hit the store last month. A recent sewing splurge means there will a massive restock on bags and purses in the next few weeks. There should also be some new hair accessories as well!