Accessory Queen!

The one thing that attending VLV reminded me of was how much I missed my vintage style. Although I may not have be true vintage to some, I definitely used to have a retro feel to my look and much prefer using retro and vintage patterns when making clothes. I don’t have a decade that I prefer, as I like different aspects and style from each decade, I had definite 40s period and recently I’ve been loving the 70s vibe, so I’m currently filling my wardrobe with a little bit of everything to suit my mood.

One thing I do like to stock up on is accessories, how you accessorise can make all the difference to an outfit and so it’s good to have plenty of options. Although clothes tend to come and go, even if I do regret it later one of the things I rarely get rid of is my vintage accessories especially my jewellery. I got rid of my hats because they didn’t really fit in to my style but jewellery, but I do love my sparklies and bangles, scarves, handbags and my collection is every growing. So here are some recent additions to my accessories inventory part of my wardrobe which let’s face it is really just another shopping haul post (sorry!!)


One thing I was never seen without was a hair flower, it’s my lazy go to hair accessory and perfect for those days when your pin curl just doesn’t want to behave! This pink is pretty much the colour of my hair, what better to accessorise  your hair that with even brighter hair flowers, these blue and turquoise flowers really compliment the pink. I picked most of these up from various vendors at VLV, the two matching teal flowers at the bottom were from Walgreens.


I think the good dose of sunshine must have triggered my tropical gene because lately all my purchase have been very colourful. When I first saw this, someone was already enquiring about it, so I thought they were purchasing it and moved on, on my second sweep it was back on the table and I decided to grab it as it was discounted it being the last night and all. Perfect for summer right?


A few cute brooches to add to my ever expanding collection. Pins, badges and brooches are a weakness of mine.


More moonglow bangles to add to another growing collection. I think stacked bangles that match the colours of an outfit are a great touch.
8b1a7-sam_8712Bamboo bangles and earrings for the tiki inspired days!

695ce-sam_8687 Scarves are another bad hair day saver! I picked these because they go well with pink hair.


I picked this up in a vintage shop on South Main Street in Las Vegas, where they have a few vintage and retro shops. As I said before I’m not really a hat person mainly because I have a peanut head and hats are usually to big but this one did, plus it’s a gorgeous blue colour. It is a repro that’s been accessorised with a brooch and some netting but I still love it, now I need to find somewhere to wear it.


So now have a slightly brighter and slighter better selection to pick from when the mood suits me, whether it’s a classic or over the top colour explosion look! My aim is to create a wardrobe that will last me a long time but also reflect my eclectic style, I think I’m getting there and also suffice to say I’m now on a spending ban!