Something To Write Home About…

I love stationery so much that I once worked in a stationery store just for the massive discount to feed my notebook and pen habit! I’ve had my eye on Seltzer’s Seven Year pens for a while now, so as I was heading to the US anyway, I thought I’d save myself the shipping fees and buy an extra pen!!
I found a stockist in the Westfield Centre in a Japanese stationery shop called Mikado. I selected three of their pens; The Unicorn, Cat Lady (for obvious reasons) and SF Golden Gate Bridge pen as a memento of our trip.

These pens are said the hold enough ink to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years. They are a  medium tip with black ink, are refillable, and the nib retracts twisting the top of the pen.  I have to say, I was not disappointed, they write really well and I do love a good ballpoint pen to do my writing with.

Also whilst I was in there, I found lots of other great stationery that somehow fell into my basket!! Like this pack of rainbow paper and you know I can’t resist rainbow themed products, so I nabbed two. They are loose leaf and A5 size but also dated so great for journalling or scrap booking. Now I just need to find a little folder to put them in.

And this cute yellow notebook designed by local artist Tomoko Maruyama.

I may have also splashed out on some washi tape by Little B. I love these dispenser as they come with their own little tear strip, and you can never have too much washi tape!!

I also found these grid paper post it notes in the Stationery section of Walgreens, which is like a cross between Superdrugs and Wilkos. I got these for my business planner, great for bullet lists and for records stats and finances.

Here are some other bits I’ve found recently on a raid of my local T.K.Maxx. The stationery section in T.K. is the first place I always head to like a homing pigeon, most of the stuff I’ve bought as been for work purposes (because a good, well organised business person can always justify stationery right??)

I’ve really been getting into type and fonts lately and I actually miss handwriting, though now it gives me cramp because I’m out of practice but I really want to learn calligraphy and maybe be use it some future designs. The notebook I have stashed for another project but the slogan is also a good reminder.

I also found this, which I will probably use for business records or something but who doesn’t love a cool gold embossed pineapple notebook.

My name is Natasha, I’m a stationery addict, over and out!

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  1. Me too! I love stationery. So funny as I've just been taking photographs for my own stationery blog post this morning… Great minds (and stationery addicts) think alike xx


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