Love Cats

The last handmade outfit from our holiday is the Love Cats shirt. Originally I had four shirts planned but only managed to finish one!!! The other three are waiting a little alteration and some buttons but this one I’m quite proud of as not only did I leave it as a last minute decision but I also hacked a pattern to get the shirt, so it turning out as well as it did was great and taught me that I really just need to have more confidence in myself and not to over think things.


As we the other four tops I only had a metre of fabric to work but I still managed to line up the fabric pattern pretty well. I didn’t have a shirt pattern in my stash so I hacked a vintage shirt dress pattern.


I left off the sleeves and added in some extra darts. The sleeve edges were finished quite hastily so with one of the other three shirts I’m going to experiment with some cap sleeves from another pattern to see if that works and also give the shirts a little variety.


I also added some length to the body, not as much as I wanted too because of the lack of material but enough to work well with a pair of Capri or cigarette pants. This top just sits above the hips so there was no need to make any adjustments to the cut to fit the hips.


Loving the tropical fruit mixed with flowers at the moment, so I ended buying a few pieces from Viva Dulce Marina at the Car Show on Saturday.


I used to wear flowers in my hair all the time and then I stopped but then I discovered this colour contrasts really against my hair colour and I stocked up!


Faux tooled handbag originally from primark but purchased in a charity shop for £2 and trousers from H&M.

Also this shirt counts towards my 2016 Vintage Pledge, so that’s two items down for that!

Pattern – Top hacked from a vintage shirt dress pattern

Material – Atomic Kitty by Michael Miller.

Style – Vintage/Retro

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title – Love Cats by The Cure