April Round Up!

April was pretty much a month off from work, what with the shop closed for two weeks whilst we travelled and tidying and closing up the last year of business ready to hit the ground running in May, it’s been more a slow jog but it’s better than nothing. So here are a few highlights from April off my Instagram which I’ve kind of been neglecting recently mainly because I haven’t had anything to really post yet but I liked April’s insta because being out of the office and in the sunshine really got to me to take inspiration from my surroundings.
Seems the people of San Francisco didn’t want to wear the flowers in their hair!
The Mission District is full of beautiful street
Cherry Blossom every where means spring as sprung.
Pretty doors makes happy houses.
Probably the most instagrammed house ever!
But this one is actually my favourite.
 I do love the sun streaming through the palm trees.
 Little calm oasis in the middle of a bustling city.
 Another venture to the Neon Museum.
 Even in the middle of the desert you can find inspiration.
 If only the wings of my eyeliner could be this sharp!
 The Japanese Garden at the Bellagio.
 A sea of pink tulips.
 Bought so much vintage goodness and in yellow too which is a colour that doesn’t really feature in my wardrobe but it does now!
 Even found time to do some knitting in the sunshine.
 Despite the cold snap when we arrived back, summer is hopefully well and truly on it’s way.