Club Tropicana

This isn’t technically a vintage or retro style pattern but with simple patterns like this one, it’s mostly down to the accessorising to create a retro feel. For this dress, I used a pattern I have used quite a bit over the years mainly because I like the style on me, also I much prefer sleeveless dresses in the the summer. I wore this outfit for the car show and was probably the first time in a long time that I had put in effort to create a retro look. Sitting at home in front on a sewing machine or computer most days has really made me lazy in regards to my style but this trip to VLV19 was probably the kick up the butt I needed in regards to my style. I purposefully made a wardrobe for this trip which made think about what style I wanted to make, also I did a fair bit of shopping without fear I might add to fill up the gaps in my wardrobe and most of that was vintage and stuff I wouldn’t usually buy! Also all the rifling through the racks gave me plenty of inspiration in regards to style, colour, patterns etc and it’s been a real boost and made me realise how much I miss the vintage element of my own personal style. It might not always be prevalent but I like to include a little aspect here and there, even if it’s just a hair flower.


Of course there is no such thing as too much pink even if you are part Goth. I’m also part tropical (I’m half Mauritian) so I love a good tropical print and a dose of sunshine!


I usually struggle with lining up the straps on this pattern to conceal my bra but I think I’ve finally mastered it!


I picked up the parasol in the Hotel gift shop as the Car Show is outside, I picked it up because it was pink not realising it was Betty Page until I opened it for these photos, and that the flowers also matched my dress! So both were a nice surprise.



I used to wear hair flowers all the time, so it was nice to stock up on fresh but faux supply. I should probably start making my own! Hair flower from a VLV vendor (forgot to get the name sorry).


Vintage Moonglow bangles bought from Rainbow Vintage at this years and VLV17


I wanted a new handbag and it was a choice between two, a practical Banned handbag in orange with bamboo handles and a little pineapple charm or this Acrylic Watermelon Bag sold at VLV by The Ritual, as you can see this one won! The watermelon theme seemed to be quite prevalent as this years festival, actually I saw a lot of fruit themed outfits and I foresee a fruit themed clothes making spree on the horizon! I couldn’t afford to splash out on a vintage Lucite purse but one day I will, so for now this little number will just have to do!


Photography by Tim Campbell

Pattern – Simplicity 7072

Material – Cotton

Style – Vintage/Retro

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title -Club Tropicana by Wham!