The Grow List!

With being away and then dealing with some urgent unforeseen matters when we got back, I think I spent a total of 12 days at home in April, and so haven’t got much done in respect of anything! But in May I plan on catching up on blogging, on work and on gardening. I love gardening, I have from quite a young age and I mostly enjoy growing fruits and vegetables. Since we’ve moved to South London and have a much smaller garden where I can only grow in containers, it has been a bit hit and miss. Last year started off really well but the latter part of the summer was so rubbish and cloudy that my plants didn’t end up producing much but despite that I’m determined to have my little urban oasis in the city this year.
This year I’m being a little less ambitious in regards to what I’m plan to grow. I’ve put up a bamboo fence for a little more privacy between us and our neighbour, so it’s a teensy bit more shady but last year I bought a lot of seeds for cooler climates so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. My only other fall back is how late I’m starting off my seedlings, however it’s been pretty frosty these last couple of weeks so not a major problem plus I’ve started growing late before and still had plenty of produce.
This year I mainly concentrating on growing a salad garden, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, greens, peppers, beans etc. I think my garden is just a little too small for squashes but I’ll see what space I have left when I finished plotting out what goes where. Already established in the garden are two raspberry plants, one red and one golden which hopefully will fruit this year and also a red gooseberry.

I also have three types of strawberries flowering and so should get some berries out of these soon.

I also have some leaf beet that I left over winter and is still going, so I think I will definitely add to that. I also have rosemary, thyme and mint pots that are still doing well.

Flower wise the lavender has come back and currently the garden is filled with flowering bulbs such as tulips, freesias and daffodils. I like having flowers in my garden not only do they look pretty but also attract the pollinators like bees to the garden.

I’ll slowly be swapping those over with summer flowers and the months go on, I also bought a Honeysuckle and Spiraea  from Poundland which I find a good source for cheap but good plants. Though it appears it’s a little too late to replace the rhubarb that perished whilst we were gone but I’m still on the look out.

I also got some free flower seeds with my Caboodle magazine subscription, will definitely be planting a few sunflowers as I love sunflowers.

Most of this years budget has gone on preventative measures and replenishing stock. I bought some new seeds for Seed Parade and More Veg as I’ve had to chuck a lot away as they are way past their best date. I also bought some new netting to making cages for my green leafy veg as we all know how birds and caterpillars like their greens, and some copper tape in my ongoing battle with the snails and slugs. I’m also saving all my eggs shells which also double up as a good nutrient source for tomatoes. I also bought a new hanging basket liner after discovering a cat-less garden means the birds pinch the lining for their nests! Frank is back on guard duty. I’m also seeing if I can stretch to a small garden table and chairs.

 So what’s on this years grow list.

First in The Field
Sub Arctic Plenty
Berner Rose
Ponderosa Orange
Tomatillo Verde 
Pink Charmer (F1 variety)
Crystal Lemon
Salt and Pepper
White Wonder 
Phoona Kheera
Chillies and Peppers
Cherry Bomb
Lemon Drop
Sweet Pepper
Berlotti Beans – Lingua de Fuoco gifted to me by Golightly Gardens
Broad Beans – Karmazyn
Climbing French Bean – Cosse Violette
Texel Greens
Leaf Beet Bright Lights Variety
Other maybe
Squash -Hubbard Blue mainly because I have one seed left!
Sweet Corn
This may look a lot but I decided to grow more variety of tomatoes to replace the squashes I won’t be growing. Also need to take into account some might not make it or will grow but might not fruit etc. Anyway you can keep up with food growing and cooking antics on my Instagram fee NDVKitchenGarden. I decided to have a separate account from my work one for this because I just like it that way. I’ll probably doing a monthly update on how the garden is doing and hopefully some recipe posts in between to fill the gaps.

2 thoughts on “The Grow List!

  1. That's an impressive list of veg. I've got a huge garden and apart from herbs and apples, it's not very productive at all.


  2. Well I'm hoping even with the late start the results will be impressive. I think having a small garden is sometimes a blessing or I'd be going all Tom and Barbara in The Good Life!!


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