March Round Up

March has been a whirlwind of creativity as I my sewing mojo came back with a vengeance and there has been lots behind the scenes activity as well, ready for when we get back from our long awaited honeymoon, so things will be a little quiet, except probably on Instagram.
Shop wise I introduced custom order hoops, where you can request your own personal favourite movie quote, inspirational sayings or song lyrics.
Although I’m scaling back on the jewellery making for a while, I did make some crystal point necklaces for the London Below Market, leftovers were put on line. I also had some natural stone crosses arrive but they were too late for that market but will be available for the next one.
Also been doing lots of spring cleaning and supply checking. Already ordering in for the coming months and have some new ideas I want to try out.
Also working on improving my product photography and will be opening a second Etsy shop in April selling vintage I’ve hunted out and repro/retro inspired stuff made by me, like I did in the beginning.
I’ve also been on a little buying spree for me including this fab bee print material
Β Some new magazines, totally in love with Flow magazine right now.
And these ridonkulously high platforms shoes from TK Maxx because they were shiny and three quid!
I also started my holiday wardrobe two weeks before I’m due to go away.
But I’ve been making good progress, these are not all going to VLV19 with me but there is a lot of pink stuff being added to my wardrobe. Which is a colour that my wardrobe seriously lacks despite it being my favourite colour, along with black which is also in serious short supply in my wardrobe. I’m the world’s worst gothic flamingo!

So in the coming months, the blog should be jammed packed with outfit and sewing posts as I finally get my Me Made Dream Wardrobe project off the ground.