Sewing Spring Clean

Spring time is traditionally the time for a clear out and a tidy up and now is a good time to do the same in regards to your sewing supplies and tools. so here are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a summer of sewing.
Give your sewing machines an MOT, change the needles, oil using a cotton bud to reach the difficult parts, brush out the lint and dust. The more you use your machine, the more often it should be cleaned.
Tidy your sewing box. Threads get tangles, pins and needles fall out etc, they also get quite dusty from lint. Have tidy and clear out and then realise you now have 6 tape measures because you could never find one when you needed it!
Do an inventory of fabrics. What fabrics are you going to use in your projects? Are there any you could destash, past onto a friend, donate to a cause, sell on ebay?
Have a tidy/sort out of patterns. Retrace any damaged pieces. Keep, chuck or sell any unwanted patterns cluttering up the shelves. Etsy and eBay are good for selling vintage patterns.
Get your scissors sharpened. You can buy scissor sharpeners or you can get them done professional at some shoe repair/key cutting shops.
Change rotary cutter blades, like anything they get blunt through use and blunt bales can cause more can actually damage material when being cut. Always dispose of blades properly.
Scrap bust! If like me you are a scrap hoarder because you hate waste or are looking for projects to use them in, now is the time to decide whether to keep, donate or chuck. I like to cut mine into squares, rectangles or triangles for bunting or patch work blankets, which make great gifts.
If you haven’t already, invest in some storage for your supplies. Places like Tiger, Wilko and Ikea have really budget friendly storage boxes, folders etc.
Happy spring cleaning!