March Meet The Maker Week 3

Last week Instagram announced much to the annoyance of pretty much all it’s users that it was now going to use pretty much the same crappy algorithm that is used on Facebook. I.E. it’s going to show what it thinks you want to see rather than what you actually want to see, meaning in short soon only the popular pictures will make it to the top of your feed and smaller accounts will be pushed to the bottom of the pile. When will social media developers realise this is not why people sign up to their sites, people like to have control over what they follow, if they want to see it then they will follow, if not they won’t follow. Forcing stuff on people never works, so many small business pages are suffering on Facebook with their no reach algorithm set to pay so we’ll show your page to the people who like it. I fear Instagram is about to go the same way, mainly because it’s owned by FB. Which is shame because it’s such a great platform to show off talent and products, or just keep up with your friends lives. Hopefully enough complaints will change that but I’m not that hopeful from past experience. So mini rant over and that’s my two pence worth on the drama here’s is a little recap on week three of the meet the maker Instagram challenge.

Day 15 – Inspiration. I take inspiration from a lot of thing but nature definitely has to be one of the biggest influences in my work. I bought these fabulous bee fabric to make a dress for myself!

Day 16 – Time to Relax. I’m a total independent magazine addict and to relax, I love to sit in a hot bath, soak away the stress whilst indulging in one of my fave mags.

Day 17 – Photography, spent the day setting up a photography corner in my living room to take photos of outfits and stock. The angle of this property means you only get good lighting in certain rooms at certain times of the day, which is a bit awkward really! Which is why I tend to do all my photography in bulk, which I don’t mind but the editing can be a bit tedious sometimes but I am getting better at both, which is something.
The rest of the week went a bit awry, I got caught up in work and I purposely didn’t post, comment or like of Instagram on Friday for the #keepinstagramchronological protest! Anyhoo, I missed a few days and I although I love challenges, I’ve been finding the inspiration to post every day a little hard so haven’t bothered with the posting for the sake of it, so here’s a picture of my workspace in a rare state of tidiness.

It lasted all of five minutes!! It’s currently covered in material and half sewn garments, probably shouldn’t admit that, maybe one for the Bad Seamstress Chronicles which is coming to the blog soon.

We’re in the last week and bit of this challenge and I should probably do a catch up but what’s it’s taught me is that you don’t need to post every single day for the sake of it. Yes challenges are good at getting you motivated, and establishing good habits but it’s not the be all and end all.