March Meet The Maker Week 2

As far as challenges go, I’ve realised that sometimes like blogging no post is better than lacklustre post. So some days are missing from last week and I went slightly off topic on one of the day.

Day 7 was How and Why? So I talked about how I got into sewing, which I’ve discussed on this blog a little already.

Day 8- was Where? Where are my tools is a question I find myself asking a lot.

Day 9 was Goals. My goals this year include to be organised with my work, supplies etc.

Day 10 favourite small business is the Stay Home Club, I raid their pop ups every time they come to UK.

Day 11 was Post run but I wasn’t feeling very inspired and I had no post to deliver that day so I posted a picture from the cutting room floor, literally as the only space to cut large skirts is my living room floor.
I skipped the next couple of days because I was a little busy but I did start practising flat lays for some stock photos for the blog.