Tell Me What You Want?

Now that I’ve earwormed myself and now you with that Spice Girls song, let’s get down to business. I haven’t been blogging as much as I normally do lately because I don’t believe in blogging for the sake of it. No post is better than a half arsed post in my opinion. I have been kind of busy on the work front, as I’m prepping for some launches when I get back from two week break in April and I really want everything in place before I go, so that I’m not behind when I get back. This also means I will be shutting down the shop for two weeks but at the moment I have no one to run it in my place when I’m gone, the drawback of a one person operation! But on the plus side, I get to totally relax and not have to worry about anything whilst I’m away, and then come back rested, recharged and ready for action. But I will probably sneak a notebook and pen into my suitcase just in case I get hit with any bright ideas. I also thought the blog could also use a little revamp itself and so I’ve been asking around about what people to read about on here.
I ran a little Twitter poll and I got quite a few more responses than I thought, which was good, and a long with that, a few suggestions and my analysis of what post have been popular or not, I’m trying to set some direction for this blog. The one thing I seem to continually lack at the moment is direction! I used to run a craft blog called The Crafty Ms de Vil, it’s now gone, or sitting a in a file somewhere on one of the computer drives because transferring and uploading turned out to be a pain. In hindsight I should have just left the blog where it was as an archive but you live and learn. One of the things I used to write about were craft tutorials and sewing, which seemed a popular choice in the polls, so I will be returning to writing about those, which I kind of had in the pipeline anyway and my business motto is Stay Crafty! I am also currently in the throws of a massive sewing extravaganza for my holiday, so I have lots of outfit posts sitting in draft waiting for me to finish to be published. I do like sharing my projects and makes and I will be talking about what I learned from each project, maybe a pattern review if it’s a new to me pattern and whatever crosses my path during the project. I really just want to encourage people’s creativity. So many people tell me they wish they could sew and I tell them that they can, it just takes patience which is why I’ll be launching the Bad Seamstress Chronicles and listing all my dos and don’ts I’ve learned over the years.
People also seem interested food and recipes, as some one who loves food I can understand this. I will be sticking with my gluten free cooking as it is relevant to me and my food intolerances, so I will thinking about some fun tutorials for that as well. Now my shop talk posts seem to be quite popular and was wondering do I still keep them in or not? As someone who is still in the early years of self employment and running a business, I was wondering if I should still keep my updates, maybe on an as a when basis, like tax season or Christmas prep. Do you like reading about the ins and outs of running a business? I’m not going to do shop updates on here as I already do that through the shop and Twitter. I’m also planning on launching an e-mail sign up for discounts, holiday specials, new range launches etc.
These just some of my ideas, obviously I will be writing about things I like or that goes against the point of blogging in my view. I’m not a full time or professional blogger despite having been blogging since 2009 but I do like sharing and helping, so tell me what would like to read about on here? More of and less off? Maybe something I haven’t even mentioned, as long as it’s in my remit, I’m open to suggestions.
Let me know your thoughts?