Meet The Maker Instagram Challenge

 You know me and my love of challenges, well I joined in one for March called Meet The Maker. It’s a challenge on Instagram ran by Joanne Hawker giving makers and creators the chance to get your customers/followers know the person behind the business a little better. I discovered this challenge a few days in but played catch up. Each day there is a different prompt to inspire a post, I’m liking this challenge because I like to use my Instagram account as way for people to get to know me and my brand a little better, so this is really helpful and on that note here’s a little catch up.

Day 1 – I’m still working on my brand but my motto is Stay Crafty. In a former I guise I used to blog under The Crafty Ms de Vil but now I’ve re-branded under Natasha de Vil.
Day 2 – Hello that’s me, I quit my evil day job nearly two years ago to be creative full time. I’ve been crafting in some form or another since I was kid. I learnt to sew properly about 15 years ago and have been regularly sewing my own clothes since then. I also like art and writing.
Day 3 – My workspace is tiny and always looks like a tornado has ripped through it!
Day 4 – Tool I can’t live without is my sewing machine. I do a lot of different crafts but sewing is my passion.
Day 5 – Can’t live without tea. If I get blood into my tea stream I get cranky!!

Day 6 – Raw Materials! I work with a lot of different materials but my favourite is fabric. I love the textures, the prints and making fabulous things out of them. Thankfully this job allows me to indulge in my fabric addiction. This is just a small selection of my personal stash, my work stash is much bigger!
I’ll do a little round of this week next Monday and so on but if you are on Instagram, you can keep up with my sewing, in progress etc there. This is my go to Social media site at the moment as I love it.
Hope you all have a very craftastic week!