February Round Up!

So what did everyone do with their extra day yesterday? I spring cleaned and had a good old catch up with a friend. Despite February being my least favourite month, it’s cold and I’m bored of winter by this stage, business is slow etc, etc, it’s not been a bad month. I made sales which is a good thing, I traded a market and made some new contacts, and sold some handmade skirts which they messaged me saying they loved them. I got a commission for a personalised hoop art, so things are moving in the right direction. But mostly I’ve been tidying and sorting, and working on some new things.
Make wise I managed to finish knitting my selfish knit along cardigan, proving to myself I can knit a cardy in two  weeks, I also made it a size to big and being a fusspot, I’m going to reknit it!

But first I decided to knit a Hetty in green! I somehow messed up my stitch count on joining the body, so had to rip back a few rows but it’s now back on track as I’m about to steam roll my way through sewing and knitting items for my holiday wardrobe which is April.

In regards to the shop I’m having a massive overhaul. All the sale was removed leaving the shop a little emptier but to get my sewing mojo back after a little break, I have whipped up a small collection of bags, purses and these hanging hoop organisers.

Bags will be available shortly.

I know I said I was phasing out jewellery but I do like to take a few pieces with me when I trade at markets. I recently got some crystal points as I do like crystals, I also just received some natural stone crosses which will be made into earrings and necklaces as well. I will be putting these are in the shop this week. I won’t be doing a whole lot of jewellery but I think for now keeping the option there makes sense.

I’ve also made and stocked up the shop with a few hand embroidered hoops using quotes and slogans. These are done freestyle using my own handwriting so each piece is unique. I also got my first request for a personalised piece and I will be offering those as well. I’m really liking the embroidery and hoop stuff and I also plan on doing some more art based pieces.

So that’s my February round up, I did get as much made as I liked but market months but priorities shift, so hopefully in March I’ll be able to finish all WIPs and maybe squeeze in a few extra as well.

What’s on your make list this month!