Return of the Dinosaurs!

Tiny Dino//

So we had a power cut on Monday and having a million on line things to do on a Monday morning, it kind of forced me to change my plans. I ended up having a rather creative day and instead and managed to have a little think about the best way to execute plans whilst tackling some personal craft projects, in a way the power cut was rather helpful.
I had been stockpiling and collecting materials over the last few months. Buying jars and vases from charity shops, mason jars from Ikea and finally had a somewhere to put all those cacti I keep buying!!!

Terrarium bowls Natasha de vil blog//
White unicorn Natasha de vil blog//
New plants Natasha de vil Blog//

Before we start I just want to stay this is not an expert tutorial, I’m not even sure these are technically terrariums! I’ve read various stuff on the Internet but sometimes I just like to experiment and see what happens.
So for my experiment I used some largish vases
Various types of Cacti
The dinosaurs and horses were purchased from the kids section in Wilkos, the glow in the dark dino was from a museum (I think!)
Fish tank gravel (Wilkos)
Garden stones (Wilkos)
Sand Grit (Poundland)
Potting soil (from garden)
Apply about a centimetre of fish tank gravel for drainage, add a thin layer of crushed charcoal, mix up a 50/50 ration of sand and potting soil, also add some charcoal to the mix, this will keep the soil aerated and the charcoal will stop (hopefully) fungus and mildew developing. add a thin layer of the potting mixture and remove plants from pots and place plants in the vase. If placing more than one plant in the vase, leave a generous gap for growth. Add more of the potting mixture until about a half a centimetre from the base of the plant, add a layer of sand grit until the base of the plant is covered. Add decorations as desired.

finished terrariums//
Water sparingly, enough to keep the soil moist but not water logged.
Glow in the dark dinosaur//
Return of the Dinsosaurs//

Place in a well lit area but not in direct sunlight!
I really enjoyed making these and have since been on the look out for more large vases like this. I did find one in TK Maxx, which is much bigger than these and with a lid, it’s currently sitting on our kitchen table whilst I decide what to do next, it’s a toss up between a Land of Unicorns or a Star Wars theme!

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