Three is the Magic Number!

Maybe because I love that song so much but three really does seem to be my number. Not a lucky number because I really don’t like the word luck but it’s the number that seems to work for me. So what am I babbling about, February is generally my month of winding down after the Christmas period, tallying up numbers and decided what to keep  and what to get rid of, kind of a business spring clean as this is generally the quietest month of the year for me and I think in general for most freelancers/self employed peeps. August is another quiet month but I use that as the big prep for the Halloween/Christmas period but more on that closer to the time.
In the beginning I blended everything together because it was just easier until I figured out where I was going, there was a lot of tooing and froing but it’s always ever evolving and you just need to keep working at it until you find what works for you. There is a lot of info flying around from experts on how you should do things and while this is all good information, you need to cherry pick what is good for you, there is no point replicating what everyone else is doing and being the same as them because for starters you are not them, you need to also let your personality shine through. Granted some people are not going to connect with what you do but that’s okay because the people who do connect with what you do are the ones you focus on. I think a lot of business lose there way because they get greedy and want everyone to love them and kind of loose focus and then become quite generic (that’s just my opinion).
As someone with a lot of different interests, sometimes it can be hard to blend them, especially when you yourself, treat those interests sort of separately. Having read a lot recently on social media lately, as that’s what I rely on for promoting my businesses, with the plethora of platforms to choose from these days, it can be pretty easy to spread your self to thinly. So after testing them all out, I have chosen the ones that I like best. Twitter because I’ve been on it so long, I like it’s interface and you can connect with some like minded and lovely people on there. Granted it’s also a platform that can be troll city but these days it’s where I go to get my up to the minute, breaking news. Secondly is Instagram because I love it, I’m a picture person, I love looking at beautiful picture and I like trying to take beautiful pictures, and now they’ve introduced multiple log ins (why on earth it took them so long I don’t know) it’s so much easier to juggle having multiple accounts. Now I can have an account for each of my interests/businesses, and work or curating a theme for each of them. I know a lot of people like accounts to have a real life theme but even these have a style to them that person’s personal style, which is something I feel I have been lacking lately! So I’m dividing and conquering each account and now I have three.
NDV Kitchen – my learning to live gluten free which hasn’t been as hard as I thought and I has spurred me back into cooking and experimenting which I love anyway. It’s not a business account but I wanted something specifically for the whole GF lifestyle.

heart beet cake with fresh fruit//

Natasha de Vil – about my style (or lack of at the moment), making my own clothes and things that inspire my style, vintage, grunge etc. Also stuff I make the shop, this is actually my business account, it runs along side the shop and this blog.

Disco Barbarian – music, books and cats, technically my personal account, gets randomly posted to every now and then. Mostly my record collection and if I’m awake earlier, random pictures of my living room in the early morning light!

Sometimes I just feel that things don’t blend so well together, maybe they do but I guess I need to be happy with how I work. Finding the balance between what people want and how you want to give that is tricky, I feel this way I can keep organised and focused on the projects at hand, post when I want to rather than feeling like I have to worry that the food people are going to get bored with the knitting posts, and the craft/style people aren’t going to get bored of my bath and book posts! Notice I didn’t mention cat posts because we all know that cats rule the tinternets.
I still have a Facebook page but I find it so much hard work for so little return and also it’s not as fun as the other platforms. At the end of the day I need something to be working for me and not against me just so I’ll fork out money for them to boost my posts. Also Facebook is quite needy, so if you ignore it it comes running back saying it’ll change before going back to the way it was before. Like any relationship if you’re putting in more than you’re getting out of it, it’s time to quit and move onto better things. Time management is a key factor in running a business, as is being organised, cut the dead weight and move on!
I still have two blogs I won’t be expanding to three on that one, there is this one as you know and my personal one where I talk music and books. These both help keep me in practise with my writing on the stuff I love but I’m still struggling a little to juggle both but I’m getting better. Sometimes the lines of business and personal blur in my line of work mainly because I chose to make a living based on the things that I like rather than what someone else liked, it’s hard, you make loads of mistakes, you’re constantly learning, you forget to take days off, there are high and there are lows but it’s still a fabulous adventure!

2 thoughts on “Three is the Magic Number!

  1. Hi Natasha – after a couple of years of distraction I'm trying to dip my toe back into social media and have re-found your blog! I'm interested in your work/life journey – I have a blog that's lying dormant, I never tweet anymore and I rarely post on Instagram although I look at posts every day.
    I have two Twitter feeds – one Crafty one more work oriented and I was wondering about merging the two (tricky I know), you say you have multiple Insta feeds – don't you feel a bit split down the middle?
    PS love the dinosaurs 🙂


  2. Hi Abi 🙂 I did take a break from social media and blogging myself for a while and it did take a while to get back into it. To be honest I think it's all down to a matter of preference. If the accounts have been lying dormant, I think they will be easier to merge, just pick the more preferable one and just start tweeting from there. For me as I'm self employed I prefer having separate feeds because it helps me separate my personal and professional life which can merge quite easily sometimes. I think I also have different enough tastes so I don't end up replicating/duplicating myself across the feeds.

    I hope this helps and I'm really stoked that you found my blog again. 🙂


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