A Vintage Pledge


Turns out 2016 is the year I challenge myself because yes I’ve set myself another challenge, or rather I’ve joined another challenge, to be honest I’m finding it quite invigorating in that not only am I getting shit done, I’m proving to myself after years of being the catcher upper and always behind that I’m capable of doing quite a lot and some of it quite well .
So I spied the vintage pledge on a blog I was reading and scooted over to A Stitching Odyssey to see what the koo was. Seeing as I can easily make this challenge a part of my current sewing challenge I didn’t hesitate to join in. It will give me a reason to stop putting off some of those more challenging patterns in my stash, so I pledge to make items using at least three of the vintage patterns and also at least two of the advanced repro patterns in my stash! (repro patterns are allowed). I’m not sure what decades I’m picking yet but I’m thinking at least one of each so a 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s pattern definitely and maybe an 80s! (I’m sure I have one lurking somewhere!)
Here’s what I’ve chosen!
1950s styles are my favourite patterns, I tried making the Vogue one before but I didn’t like the way it turned out, so a retry is on the cards. I had some material bookmarked for the Butterick pattern but when I went to buy it, it was no longer in stock, that’ll learn me!
I do love a good shirt dress and already have some material set aside for this project. I could also use another jacket or two to add to my wardrobe.
I’ve started making some skirts in the first pattern for summer but have yet to finish them. I’m not sure about the cape on the dress and if it would suit me, I guess there is only one way to find out!
I’d like to have a go at making my own summer tops this year, I rarely find stuff in the shop that fits right and always end up buying jersey tops or t-shirts!
Definitely making the first pattern for some holiday clothes and the second pattern is random add. My friend bought it so I could make her jacket, I’m kinda liking it and think I might make one for all the goth gigs I go to! So as i said I reckon this challenge is doable as it fits with my current wardrobe making plans anyway.
Anyone else taken the vintage pledge? Let me know so I can keep up with your progress!